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Mandala Happiness 2, Mandala Coloring Book Releases June 10, 2015

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Release Your Stress with Mandala Happiness 2
a New Adult Coloring Book by J. Bruce Jones

Mandala Happiness 2, Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala Happiness 2 is the second of 3 new adult coloring books by J. Bruce Jones releasing June 2015. The book contains 46 mandala coloring pages for adults and grown-ups. Perfect for inspiring creativity, reducing stress, and coloring fun.

Mandala Happiness 2, Mandala Coloring Book
Mandala Happiness 2, Coloring Book

(Boston, Massachusetts, June 10, 2015) J. Bruce Jones and Bruce Jones Design Inc., announces the release of Mandala Happiness 2, an adult coloring book focusing on mandalas and their spiritual nature.

Coloring mandalas has been know to help reduce stress, inspire creativity, and bring inner calm. Mandalas have been used for ages as a way to connect with the spiritual world and with your inner self. Mandala coloring pages can bring out your spiritual side, establish a sacred space, and aid in meditation and relaxation. Mandala Happiness 2, created by J. Bruce Jones is designed for grown-ups and adults of all ages. Mandala Happiness 1 coloring book for adults contains 46 outlined mandalas to draw, color, and bond with. Each mandala is printed on the front of the page with a blank page behind so they are perfect for colored pens and markers, avoiding page bleed.

Mandala Happiness 2 (ISBN-10: 1514179601), 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm), Black & White on White paper, paperback. The book features 46 mandalas over 98 pages. Mandala Happiness 2 is available at and, Price is $9.95

Available at Mandala Happiness 2, Mandala Coloring Book (Volume 2)

About Mandala Happiness the Series
Mandala Happiness is a new series of adult coloring books by J. Bruce Jones featuring mandalas and decorative designs. Releasing in June are Mandala Happiness 1, Mandala Happiness 2 and Mandala Happiness 3 with Celtic designs.

About J. Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones is the author and creator of numerous coloring books for kids and students. His books focus on geography, cats and dogs, and alphabets. Bruce has been a graphic designer for the past 30 years and practices Tai Chi. Bruce has created over 30 books over the past 8 years.