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Marketing of The Mandala Happiness Book Series, Check List

The marketing process has begun for my new Mandala Happiness Coloring Books. Like most of us, I began the marketing the day the books were published. Ideally, this is not the best way to go. We should begin the day we start writing the book but most of us start the day we finish the book.

Ok, this is where I am at the moment, not a complete or finished list but an ongoing process.

  • 3 Books published on YES
  • Promo book photos made in 3 sizes for each book YES
  • Promo headshots with book covers made for each book YES
  • Press release was written and edited for Mandala Happiness 1, YES
  • Press releases written for volumes 2 and 3 and for the series YES
  • Press releases sent out to PR sites, sent to
  • Connecting all of the tools, Author Central YES
  • Sales catalog pdf sheet NO
  • Book trailer announcement videos shot for each book and series Yes
  • Book trailer videos edited NO
  • Book trailer videos uploaded to YouTube No
  • Book trailer videos connected across all social media NO
  • URL set up for YES
  • Blog set up for the book series, Mandala Happiness Coloring Books YES
  • URL forwarded and connected to blog YES
  • Facebook group set up, Mandala Happiness YES
  • Starting to post on FB Group and Blog YES
  • Pinterest boards set up for each book Set up for Mandala Happiness 1
  • Posts on Instagram, YES, ongoing
  • Posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ NO
  • Building out my keywords and hashtags for social media
  • Virtual Launch Party on Google Hangout NO
  • Online coloring book club via Google Hangout NO
  • Set up Gumroad mandala set for coloring book club NO
  • Free sample sets of mandalas with sales catalog pdf sheet for blog and FB NO

Marketing Resources

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book, Kimberley Grabas put together this excellent set of tips on book marketing on her site
How to Write a Killer Author Bio from blog