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How to Build Your Author Platform Using a Facebook Group

Building Your Platform Using a Facebook Group
Building Your Platform Using a Facebook Group, slides for the videos

I am working on a quick little course as part of the Small Product Lab 10 challenge. WEEEEEE. I am getting there and trying to keep up. One of the points they talk about is getting exposure and pushing your content out to the world. So ok, below is the outline for my course which I should be makeing into videos shortly. #SmallProductLab #SPLDay5

How To Build Your Author Platform Using a Facebook Group, On-Line Course

What is an Author Platform?
• Intro
• All the points of connection that you have with the world
• All your followers, social media, Factbook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
• Customers, people who gave you money, bought your products
• Email list
• Event attendees, co-workers and family
• Members of associations or organizations that you belong to

Why is an Author Platform Important?
• These are the people that buy your books and products
• They hire you to speak at their events
• They give you reviews on Amazon
• They will spread your story and become your champions

Why Use a Facebook Public Group?
• Easy to set up
• Huge global audience
• Widely accepted
• People can discover and get to know you without to much engagement
• Easy to connect, speed to connecion, different levels of connection
• Easy for your fans to post and participate in your group and community
• Easy to share content, images, videos and files
• Easy to build your community

How to Make a Facebook Public Group
• Select a good name, search on group names, keywords, rolls off the tongue
• Go for the topic instead of your name, be the expert in your topic

• Step-by-Step setup
• Select your banner images, basic rules
• Banner file size 851 pixels x 315 pixels
• Preload your group with your own members and friends
• How to make a post
• Posting images, videos, files

How to Manage Your Facebook Group
• Thank all new members for joining
• Engagement and building your community
• Strategies for dealing with fans
• Setting rules and guidelines
• Enforcing your rules, kicking people out of your group
• Asking and answering questions, polls
• Introducing your projects and services, consulting
• Selling without selling

How to Create Content Quickly
• Write posts, create videos
• Answer questions
• Let the content come to you, notice what is going by in the stream of life
• Set up Google Alerts, review results, select and repost
• Subscribe to subject matter blogs and websites with newsletters and emails
• Subject matter forums
• Search and repost videos
• Encourage members to post, respond and contribute to each post

Build and Promote Your Group
• Promote everywhere
• Mention in your videos, your social media, and blog posts
• On your website set up a direct link button
• Add to your email signature

Building Your Platform
• Build your presence by highlighting your expertise
• Connect and build community
• Move people from your group to your website to your email list
• Gain Exposure