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My Digital Products, Books, Websites, Courses, and Clip Art

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My Digital Products, Books, Websites, Courses, and Clip Art

I have been creating products for over 30 years. It has been a great way to add income and get my ideas and efforts out to the world. Creating a second, third, and more stream of income can greatly increase your revenue. My first love was creating books. I have a wide range of books, from geography, music, self-publishing, children’s, and coloring. I love creating books and have published or created over 50 titles. I am always thinking about products. During COVID I have been using my time to upgrade, clean up, and start thinking of new things I can make. Sometimes it is a little overwhelming to keep track of all this, but I enjoy it.

Along with my books are my clip art digital products. Most of my digital products are focused on editable clip art maps for business, home, and education. My main product is my World of Maps editable clip art for PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator. Years ago I figured out how to move an illustrator clip art map into PowerPoint. The result is an editable map for businesses, education, and more. Only a few of us in the world figured this out. I have been selling my editable clip art maps for over 30 years and have generated over $1 million dollars in sales. I have also created a collection of Antique and Historical Maps and many specialize small collections. Along with editable clip art, I converted my maps and music products into printable PDF files. These can be coloring books, printable PDFs, and web graphics. This was a great way to extend the products and create many many more. I am a big believer in repurposing your content. Create it once and then repurpose it to many other formats or products.

Along with digital clip art and PDF kinds of products I have also created self-publishing courses. These range from Workbook Masterclass, to Easy Journal Books, Indesign for Authors to a children’s book and coloring book course. These courses sell on Teachable and is my favorite platform for selling digital products. It is very affordable, easy to set up and customers really like it. It sells well.

To market and sell all of these products I have created quite a few websites. These included which is my general website. which is the main clip art maps site for businesses, for education and home, and, my free map site. My original map web site was, it goes back to 1995 and is still active and generating income. For publishing I have and a very active Facebook Group called How to Publish Your Book. Music is on and antique maps on Probably have more but can’t remember all of them.

It is a lot to keep track of and sometimes gets really confusing. To learn more about my products, look around this website, I have added links to most of them here on