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Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge • How I Sold $322,650 of Books, The Inside Secrets

Day 3 How I Sold Book Cover Mock up Teaser

I am taking part in the #14DayProduct Challenge. We are learning how to create and sell products on Gumroad is one of my favorite sites. I have lots of products there and sell something pretty much every day. Gumroad handles the e-commerce backend of my products. It hosts them, has a sales page, takes care of the ordering, money, and delivering. My job is to keep making and selling more products. It does what it does very well. I have been making products for a long time, but love learning new stuff. Challenges are also a great motivator to get stuff done.

We are on Day 3, and just completed a webinar on building your audience. Days 1 and 2 were getting settle in the member site and throwing down some product ideas. We also needed to have figured out which of our products we might want to work on. I have lots of half-finished products sitting on my computer and decided to pick one of those. One of the issues with a challenge is that you can waste a lot of time trying to make a decision on what to make. And then researching and then creating. So I have learned to work with what you have and get going. You can always make another one later.

I have almost 5,000 followers on Facebook in a How to Publish Your Book Group. A great place to start. So I set up a poll and surveyed the members. It looks like How I Sold $322,650 of Books is the winner. So here we go.

Gumroad challenge product ideas poll on Facebook

The next task is to create a rough outline. What I am also doing is posting all about the Challenge and the product, create some noise. Start to get people interested in the upcoming project. I am looking for feedback on the product so that I have time to make changes.

We also need to start building some buzz for the product through our social media, blogs and video.










Working Title: How I Sold $322,650 of Books, The Inside Secrets, by J. Bruce Jones

Book Outline:

• The Numbers

• General Concepts

• 5 Key Pages in Your Book

• Cross Promoting in Your Book

• Using Your Content to Sell Your Content

• Selling on Amazon

• Amazon Author Central

• On-Page Social Media

• Your Book Description, Finding Keywords, Categories

• Blogging Your Book

• Building a Media Kit

• Book Launch

• The Wagon Wheel

• Your Community

• Lessons from Publishing Over 50 Books

• Resources


Additional Product Ideas:

• Some video lessons

• Book launch swipe file, a good bonus product

• Marketing checklist

This is a working list to get things going.