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Day 4: Creating Your Product for the Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge

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Day 4: Creating Your Product for the Gumroad #14DayProduct Challenge

Ok, I have picked my product, working on the name, will start writing shortly. Every day we receive an email from Gumroad with steps and questions. Here are the ones for today.

The title is a little awkward and needs some thinking. I generally wait until I have finished my book to finalize the title because books change as they move along. But something like this: How I sold 34,605 Book for $322,650 on Amazon, The Inside Secrets.


• Will your product be an ebook or a video course? What is the format of your product?

My product will be an ebook, hopefully with some supporting videos. The ebook will be in PDF format. Hopefully, later I will publish the book


• What is your MVP? An MVP is your minimum viable product.

My MVP is just the ebook if that is all I can get done. I should be able to create some videos from sections of the book or record a couple of Zoom broadcasts. The product will be hosted on Gumroad. It is really good to keep the MVP in focus as the goal is to get it finished and be able to stand on its own. You can always add more later.


• How will you create your product? What applications will you use?

I will write the book in MS Word, format it in InDesign, and then create a PDF. Videos will be created using Screenflow for Mac, it is fantastic. Also possibly Zoom. PowerPoint may also come into play.


• Will you outsource some work?

No I will do it all, I am very familiar with book layout


Along with posting here in the blog, I am also sharing my #14DayProduct Challenge journey with social media. Using my FB How to Publish Your Book Group, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Business, and Linkedin. Spread my ideas everywhere.