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I Didn’t Learn to Write Until I Was 53

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Bio Excerpt from my upcoming book, How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon

Who am I? I am J. Bruce Jones, a 33+ year business graphic designer. I have created every kind of design project that you can have. Designing logos, brochures, environmental wall graphics, books, newsletters, presentations, reports, and more. It has been a wonderful career helping businesses create their marketing.

I am also a product developer and have many products of my own. My biggest selling product is a collection of editable clip art maps called the World of Maps. The collection includes maps for use in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Adobe Illustrator. Usually used for business, government, and education. The editable maps sell worldwide, online, and in bundles. The World of Maps has been selling for 30 years. I also have posters, t-shirts, mugs, PDF books, and video courses. Many based on my books. I came to know about publishing through the books I have authored. I have created and published over 50 books. Most of which I sell on Amazon. The topics range from, music theory, geography, coloring, self-publishing, and children’s books. Creating books was one of my earliest goals. Starting around the age of five, I knew I wanted to write and publish books.

The fascinating thing for me is that at age three I knew six words. In elementary school, I am diagnosed with dyslexia. Throughout my primary school years, college, and beyond I struggled with writing. It was almost impossible for me to put a sentence together. Everything was backward and twisted. I still cannot tell you what a noun or preposition is. Even today, if I do not get a word out on the first try it is gone, it is not there. I was that kid in school who made models and did projects instead of writing papers. Around age 50 I started to push with trying to write.

Writing has always been a goal of mine. I wanted to write books since I was a little kid. I started writing blog posts and pushed my way along. I also learned about the power of an editor from being a graphic designer. I learned that I did not have to be perfect; I had to get my thoughts down in a reasonable fashion. I could then work with an editor and get it fixed.

At 53, I took a product development course from the Internet marketer Jeff Walker. It was called the Product Launch Formula. In this online course, he had us do an exercise where we had to write out a business plan around our idea. He had us do our projects in little pieces, building it bit by bit over a period of time. After finishing our project something magical happened, I realized I could write. What I could not do on one day I could do the next. Words started pouring out of my fingers. It was the craziest feeling. They wouldn’t stop. Some switch in my head had flipped and I could write. Not great, but some barriers had fallen. If you read any of my emails during that time they are huge because for once I could write. I kept pushing and pushing and I loved the change. What was a very difficult and painful task for me had switched to a very enjoyable and always wanting to do the effort. What I also realized was that this was a muscle. I had to work it to keep it.

Today I have many writing projects going on all the time.

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J. Bruce Jones is an author and creator of over 50 books. Bruce teaches self-publishing authors how to publish their books. To learn more about Bruce’s latest project, How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon click here.