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How to Create Your Own Business Book at Conference 21

Conference 21 virtual event feb 20-21

February 20-21, I will be speaking at the virtual, Conference 21 run by Michael Whitehouse. The conference will have topics on:

• Why PR is Still Relevant in a Digital World

• Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

• Why Non-Profits Should Be Visible

• Navigate Change

• Making Profits from the Stage

• Managing your Cash Flow

• Mindset, Branding and much more

• I will be speaking on how to Create Your Own Business Book with my Easy Books program.

Do you want to spread your message? Do you want to be seen as the authority on your topic? Do you want potential customers to pay more attention to you? The answer is yes. How do we do this? We do it with a book. Books are the new calling cards. People treat books with reverence. Books position you as the authority and expert in your topic. Books make fantastic marketing tools. Books get opened and saved. Books also give you something to anchor yourself to. You can refer to them in your marketing and in your presentations. They make great gifts to a new or current customer. People don’t throw them away. It is so easy to create and publish a book these days that you can be a published author in no time.

The program takes you through ten steps to creating your own book for your business. This book can be for marketing today or for passing on the lessons you have learned from your career. With print-on-demand and access to publishing and distribution with Amazon, you can create your own book in a short time. A hand-out will be included.

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J. Bruce Jones is an author and creator of over 50 books. Bruce teaches self-publishing authors how to publish their books. To learn more about Bruce’s latest project, How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon click here.