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Bruce Jones Podcast Interview on Self-Publishing for the Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast

guy who knows a guy podcast michael whitehouse

A big thank you to Michael Whitehouse for interviewing me for his A Guy Who Knows a Guy Podcast. We had a great conversation on self-publishing and getting attention for your book. Lots of tips.

We talk about,

• How some books sell a lot and some sell only one a year. Publish lots, you don’t know what will work.

• Sell shorter, focused books that you can finish. Publish series, Amazon loves series.

• If you have a big book, break it up into smaller books and create a series. Cross-promote inside them.

• I talk about how I release and sell unedited versions of my book. Great way to test the market.

• You can relaunch your book any time you want. Find a holiday that relates to your topic and build a book promotion around it

• Using Facebook groups to build a community, how to do it.

• Use your content to market your content, (this is the focus of my new book)

• We talk about some of the major changes that have happened with broadcasting and how we can take advantage of it. Create your own shopping channel. I talk about how to tie your book to your show.

• About how to build engagement with your audience.

• How to create programs on line and market them.

I am speaking this coming February at Michael’s Conference 21 on how you can create a book for your business. Come on over and join us. He has some great speakers lined up.



J. Bruce Jones is the author of the upcoming book, How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon, The Inside Secrets