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Why Did I Change the Title of My Book?

Why did I Change the Title of My Book?

I have changed the title of my book from How I Made $322,650 Selling Books On Amazon to How to Sell Your Book, How I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon. Why did I do this? I save finalizing the titles of my books to the very end of the process. Books change as you write them, and very often the titles are wrong. When we are writing our books, we used the friends and family title. That is the title that we tell everyone. It is a title that might be correct, but very often only means something to us and not the world.

I run two tests on my titles. The “Don’t Make Me Think” test. This test is a good filter to run your title through. Do people know what your book is about? You only have a moment for people to figure out what your book is about. You won’t be standing there to explain. Is your book clear? Does it make sense at a glance?

The second test is to take the title and drop it into the Google, YouTube, and Amazon search bars. Where do you show up? Is it in a place where you want to be? Does your book on fly-fishing show up in knitting? You want to be in your market. I took my title and dropped it into the different search engines. They are all a little different. Google and YouTube were ok, Amazon wasn’t even close. I need to be with books on how to sell on Amazon. It wasn’t. So I changed it. In this video, I take you through the steps.

J. Bruce Jones is the author of How to Sell Your Book, How I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon, the Inside Secrets. Bruce is an author and creator of over 50 published books. Bruce teaches self-publishing authors how to publish their books. To learn more about Bruce’s latest project, How to Sell Your Book on Amazon, and pick up a PDF copy of the book click here.