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Day 1, Using Your Book’s Content to Sell Your Book, How to Sell Your Book Challenge


How to Sell Your Book Challenge

To celebrate the launching of How to Sell Your Book, I am holding a How to Sell Your Book Challenge, Jan 26-29. I will teach my inside tips, lessons, and secrets on marketing and selling books. The event broadcasts will be each day on Facebook in the How to Publish Your Book Group, at 4:00 pm, ET and are free to attend.

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Day 1 Show Notes: Using Your Book’s Content to Sell Your Book

The concept is to use your book’s content, text, and images to bring awareness of your book to the world

• Use your book’s content, text, images to bring awareness of your book to the word

• Post it on your Blog, website, social media, video, podcast, etc

• Spread it around the web

• In your content add links for buying the book


• Sharing Your Book’s Content Across the Web

– Share your book’s content and images across the web

– Good descriptive titles, Look at Google search for titles and questions in your area

– Create blog posts or webpages that answer very specific questions

– Images in each post, correctly titled

– Author bio/sell lines with book links at the bottom of each

– Share your books images or create some, FreeUSandWorldMaps, titles, Google image search.


• Why do this

• Why, Google will index the content and bring readers to your site and book

• Act like a bookstore of information, try to bring the bookstore experience, thousands of books. I work in the 1% world. But you need the 99%

• Error: Bestseller campaign, focus on long term selling

• Around this content we wrap ads for our own books.

– Why buy when you can read online. Answering one question, you are curating the information


• Building an Online Presence for Your Book

– Maybe your book doesn’t lend itself to republishing your content, then use other people’s content, Information, resources, YouTube videos

– Build a world around your content, journey, and around this wrap ads.

– Puzzle books, cooking, Become the king or queen of your subject

– AcousticMusicTV, I give people the tools to create music and sell the tools.

– Why, Google will index this content and bring people to your site.

– Post your content on long term sites, Blog, website, YouTube-10 years, Pinterest. Social media ok, but moves too fast.


• Marketing Different Categories of Books

– Non-Fiction Books

– Fiction Books

– How to Books

– Children’s Books

– Coloring Books

– Cookbooks

– Self-Help Books

– Business Books

– Poetry Books


• Using Analytics and Stats to Market Your Book

– Google Analytics, YouTube stats, FB, Pinterest, all have stats

– What are people really interested in your book?

– More posts, more opportunities to Sell

– Amazon Affiliates/Associate program

– Gather ideas for new products and books


Wrap Up

The next session will be on Making Noise and Spreading Awareness about your book, the power of Social Media


The Author

J. Bruce Jones is the author and creator of over 50 published books. His latest book is, How to Sell Your Book, How I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon, the Inside Secrets.

The book is available at:

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