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Day 3, Selling Your Book, How to Sell Your Book Challenge


Day 3, More Ways of Selling Your Book

Jan 28, 2021 
• How to Sell More Books
• Three Key Selling Tests to Run on Your Book
• Selling Your Book in the Real World

How to Sell Your Book Challenge

To celebrate the launching of How to Sell Your Book, I am holding a How to Sell Your Book Challenge, Jan 26-29. Where I will teach my inside tips, lessons, and secrets on marketing and selling books. I will hold the live event broadcasts each day on Facebook in the How to Publish Your Book Group, at 4:00 pm, ET and are free to attend.

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Show Notes:

• How to Sell More Books
– Selling Before your Book is Published, book marketing starts the day you start writing.
– Don’t surprise people with your book
– Take people on a journey, behind the scenes
– Sell your Book from the Back of Your Book, people need a second copy, journal
– Cross-Promote your books in your books, catalog page
– Develop a companion workbook, journal, checklist, seminar, workshop.
– Create a package/bundle, book $9.95 workbook $47.95
– Descriptive table of contents, books benefits, videos, blog posts, podcast, Look Inside/Amazon
– Healthy book description, include TOC
– the book Thumbnail Test
– Amazon book page test with your thumbnail

3 key tests
– “Don’t Make Me Think” Test
– Google, YouTube, Amazon Search Engine Test.
– Amazon page Test

– Selling from each chapter, create a course, create a product
Teachable, Gumroad, Skillshare, Udemy
Redbubble, Printful, Zazzle
– Cross-Selling/Product page, your books, consulting, speaking, services. Amazon loves series-show the series
-Bio Page
– Back covers also sell books
– Amazon author central
– Think in Series or Volumes
– Sell in all formats, print, ebook, pdf, audio, video, hardcover
– Repurpose into more products.

• Selling Your Book in the Real World
– Offline world, look for community and people, friends, family, clients,
– update all bios on company websites, organizations, newsletters
– Local press, the local author makes good, local library,
– Service professional, make a book around your subject, divorce lawyer, IP lawyer, local vet-pet care, part of the client meeting, Doctors, FAQs, Accounting, taxes, small business.
– Workbooks for seminars,
– Do you hold events, they all need workbooks, checklists, bundle packages. People love the notes
– Musician, songbooks

More Ways to Sell
Local bookstores, retail
Farmers Market, recipes
Look for traditional places that can sell your book, pet stores sell more than pet supplies, Vet office, pet grooming, whatever your industry is, you can create a book it.
Are you a vacation spot, books for the summer
Look around your area, ask a local merchant what kind of book might work for their business. Match something up.
Because you have no real costs, you can get very creative.


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