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Expand Your Exposure By Connecting with Influencers in Your Market, S1 E2


S1 E2 Expand Your Exposure By Connecting with Influencers in Your Market, Create Your Own Dream 100

One strategy for launching your book and expanding your reach is to link yourself with some influencers in our market. People who have bigger audiences than we do. Our goal is to piggyback on the back of our market leaders. We connect, build a relationship, and gain exposure to their audience. In this week’s show, I talk about how we find our market leaders, connect with them, develop a relationship, and gain exposure.

Research people who have an influence in your market.

  • We might already know who the leaders are in our markets, write them down.
  • These are going to be authors, business people, influencers, YouTubers, celebrities, sports people, etc.
  • Search for the top people on Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Amazon. Dig them out, make a list. “Best Fly Fishermen in the world”
  • Look on Amazon for the writers of the bestselling books. Look in Amazon Author Central for their bio and website/blog.
  • Take each person and dig backward. Find their website/blog, YouTube Channel, IG, FB, Twitter. Who are they and what do they do. How big is their audience? Connect.
  • Here is a power move. Go to YouTube and search for competitions on your topic or book. Go to Google and search on upcoming or recent conferences. Look for the award winners for competitions. Every interest has a conference or a competition or both. Look at the speakers and players. These are all the top leaders. These people can be followed and connected with.
  • You are looking for people and their websites that have a platform or audience that is larger than yours. You don’t need the A-level people, though they are nice to follow. There are plenty of B, C, and D-level people you can connect with. C-level people become B-level people and B become A.

Connect with all these people, websites, and blogs.

We can connect with almost anyone today because of social media. They may not notice us, but we can connect. The task then is to increase their awareness of you. Making friendly comments is one way. Buying their products is another. You may not get Kim Kardashian to notice you, but someone two levels down will. You can build up. You do this also to learn about what they are doing. New products, books, events, ideas.

Start commenting and engaging with them on their blogs and social media sites. Now that you know who they are, connect. Try to get on these people’s radar, start building a relationship. This will become much more important when we come to launching your book.

  • Connect
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Buy their stuff
  • Subscribe to their websites/blogs, see what they write about, comment.
  • Build a relationship
  • Interview them, invite them on your podcast, FB Lives, repost their blog posts, share their videos, have them on your blog.
  • But more importantly, if they can interview you on their platforms, you will come with their seal of approval to their audience.
  • Can you get them to promote you through their email list?

You can also ride on their energy. If they have a book coming out, you can ride on top of it, if you know it is happening. You promote their book along with your stuff as a bonus.

  • Power move. When are they the most open for connecting with you? When they are releasing a new product or program. This is when they want to connect with the world. If you know when that is happening, you can jump in.

If you support them, they may support you.

When it comes time to launch your book, reach out. You may already be on their radar. This is a long-term strategy, but it can be very effective. Harvey Mackay, “Dig your well before you’re thirsty.” Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels calls this strategy, the Dream 100. This is his primary strategy for connecting with the world and building his company. But you don’t need 100 influencers, 5 might work very well. Maybe you follow 20 but connect with 5. The goal is to start.

Key Steps

  • Look for people in your industry who have a bigger audience or online footprint than you do.
  • Connect with these people through their social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their YouTube Channel, and Pinterest.
  • Subscribe to their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups, and email lists.
  • Start reaching out and liking, commenting, contributing, and building a relationship.
  • Buy their stuff. Get on their radar.
  • Make these people aware of you and what you do.


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