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I Have No Idea What Works to Create a Successful Book

There are many ways to promote and sell your book. This series of posts focuses on my general concept of using your book’s content to sell your book. Take your content, spread it around, have Google see and index it, and get it noticed. Then give people a simple path to buy it. I then mix into this concept many other ideas for building awareness and sales. Enclosed are 10 years of personal self-publishing experience. Everything I talk about I have done with my own books. The goal is for you to use some of these strategies to increase the awareness of your book and get more sales.

This series and my How to Sell Your Book, The Inside Secrets, is broken into 4 steps. Each one builds on the previous.

We start with some prep steps to get your book ready and give you the tools for marketing and selling your book.
1. Use your book’s content and the power of Google to market and sell your book.
2. Use the power of social media to make noise and spread awareness about your book.
3. In-book, online and offline strategies for selling your book.
4. Make your book easy to buy.
At the end, I talk about repurposing your content to create additional products based on your book. Finally, my lessons from 10 years of creating books.

I Have No Idea What Works to Create a Successful Book
The biggest lesson I have learned from publishing books is, that you can do all the research you want on your book. Do all the editing. Craft the cool cover, but in reality, I do not know why a book works and sells. It either does or doesn’t. The truth is most books fail to sell, usually from lack of marketing or interest, but now and then kaboom, success. Use the ideas in this book to help you sell your book.

What I know about publishing is what it does for you, the author. Publishing a book can be transformative in ways we don’t understand. It can be the fulfillment of a dream we didn’t know we had. It can bring order and understanding to your life. Write for yourself, for your own satisfaction.

My recommendation to you is to write on as many topics as you can. Publish whatever you want. Trying to stay on a topic and be that expert to the world in a narrow niche is a waste of time. If you want to write, then write on anything and everything you can think up. Don’t limit yourself.

What I have also learned is that some of my most successful books came from other products that I had. The original did ok, the repurposed book did great. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try. Because we are using print-on-demand, which means no inventory and print when there is an order, and we have the web, we can try ideas. Have an idea, publish it, and see what happens. Get some feedback and change it. See what happens. We are in the golden age of self-publishing. But most of all, enjoy that we can publish what we want when we want to.

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