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Podcast: J. Bruce Jones, The Book Publishing Media Creating Master-Wizard

This past week Angela Treat Lyon interviewed me for her Daring Dreamers Radio podcast. We had a blast talking all things publishing and much more.

Dreamers Dare Radio

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Topics covered included:

In this jam-packed interview with the always-ebullient Bruce Jones,
you’ll find out:

• how Bruce flipped depression into creating his 1st product
• how he did his first book – which tanked –
• why his subsequent ones became bestsellers, and still are, years later;
• what to know about your titles and chapter names …

• why your book isn’t selling and
• what to do about it
• Why talking about money is considered shameful ( and to stop that!)
• Why he implores you to stop thinking so much
• How to use your content in multiple ways to create lead magnets and freebies …

• Posters? For books? Really? Listen in…
• How to make books fast if you’re a blogger or podcaster
• Why it is critical that you hit publish ASAP?

You can check out the special offer we put together for the show at the podcast page

J. Bruce Jones, the Book Publishing, Media Creating Master-Wizard