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I Have Become an Amazon Influencer and Now I Can Sell Products Live on Amazon

Bruce amazon live streaming page

So maybe I am the only person that cares about this, but I think this is huge. The potential is massive. I have become an Amazon Influencer. I guess I reached that mark in my life. This morning I read an article on Medium by Adrian Brambila about, Making Money Without Selling Stuff on Amazon. It is on how to get set up with being an Amazon Influencer. This enables you to do Live streaming broadcasts from Amazon, with product tie-ins. This is super cool. I have a lot of books on Amazon and this means that I can broadcast right from Amazon and talk about them. It also means you can talk about any product. Basically, creating your own QVC. Seems doable.

Link to Making Money Without Selling Stuff on Amazon on Medium

Ok, things you need.

• You need an Amazon Affiliate account, I have had one for years, brings in about $3.00 per month. Free, just sign up.

• Second, you need to have a presence on social media, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube. The required numbers aren’t all that high. 500 on Instagram and I don’t know about the others. I didn’t succeed with Instagram, don’t know why, though I have enough followers. But this did get me to convert my Instagram account from personal to Business/Creative. It seems I do have enough on TikTok, 618 as of today. Success.

• Then you have to upload your profile image and store banner and fill in some stuff. I updated my Associates/Affiliate account and I am ready to go.

• You will also need to download the Amazon Live Creator app from the app store. This is how you will broadcast on Amazon, through your phone. The more you stream, the more features you get.


After all of that is done, you need to set up some product Idea Lists on the Amazon sales pages. You set them up in your Store account and then fill them with products from the Amazon product pages. I have Geography/Coloring and Music books. I am doing a lot of drawing and painting lately, so I set up one for Art stuff.

The list box is located below the Buy box on the right of any Amazon sales page, in “Add to List”. There are private lists and public lists. You want public lists. These will be the products that you talk about in your broadcasts. They are tied directly to your stream and into your Affiliate account.

You are now ready to go. Open the Amazon Live app, upload a thumbnail, pick a title, and a start time, and start streaming. The stream will show up on your store page and if you get popular, I am assuming, on the Amazon Shopping Live page. I have also added my streaming address to my profiles on Instagram and TikTok. I am building out the entire backend of the process.

I think we are at the very beginning of all this and it will be exciting to see where it goes. I love the idea and that you can tie products directly to your streaming and make money is pretty cool.

My Amazon Live shop,

The general Amazon Live Shoppable Videos

amazon live streaming page
I would love to find where this page is on Amazon.

Amazon has a page for all of the Shoppable Videos. I don’t know how you find this page and I am not sure exactly how I stumbled on it. But they have it. I also don’t know how people find you, but I wonder if it is tied into the Follow button on every Amazon product page.


a bigger view of the live streaming page

I think this is big because Amazon is all about consumerism. You can sell on other social media platforms, but they want you to buy ads. Or they get fussy about you leaving or, it doesn’t fit with their theme. Whatever. Amazon is all about selling stuff. That is the total purpose. This embraces it. You can sell your stuff, or other people’s stuff, but it is ok to sell. I need to figure out how these streams can be shared. I am just at the beginning of how all this works and how to build it out. But you have to start and I have started.