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Off to Alaska, Completed Visiting All 50 USA States

Visited all 50 USA States
Visited all 50 USA States


My wife and I have completed visiting all 50 USA States. From Florida to California, Maine to Hawaii. We have now visited the last one on the list, Alaska. I didn’t start out with a goal of visiting all 50 states, it just kind of happened over the years. I love traveling and am always willing to go somewhere. It has taken over 40 years to do this. I grew up in New England. In college, I visited California for my first west coast trip and then just kept going. In my twenties, I drove across the country twice in an attempt to bike across the US. My knees had a different plan. At 30 I did my backpack trip around Europe thing. Then in my kid raising years, we visited a lot more. At age 60 I retired and my wife, Louise, and I traveled across the country, along the Lewis and Clark Trail. It starts in St. Louis and heads up the Missouri River and to the Pacific Coast. It is a cool thing to do. Before Covid we sat down one day and colored in a map of all the states we had both visited. We quickly realized that we had about nine states left that each of us hadn’t visited. They were all along the American South. Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and more, those states. Off we went on another road trip. All that was left was Alaska and Covid showed up. So a bit of a delay, but now that is complete.

We have an amazing country with huge differences in landscape, people, and culture. All just waiting to be visited and enjoyed. I encourage everyone to go out and explore our country anyway they can.