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Book Marketing Summit with Eric Van Der Hope

Book Marketing Summit, August 14-18, 2023, Launch your book to the world
Book Marketing Summit, August 14-18, 2023, Launch your book to the world

Book Launch Summit, August 14-18

I’m excited to be part of Eric Van Der Hope’s Book Launch Summit: an online event being held August 14-18, 2023. Eric has brought together 50+ Book Publishing & Marketing Experts to help provide you with the fundamentals of how to Launch a Book successfully, create the most impact with your audience (and help propel you in Amazon’s rankings).

I will be talking about my 4 pillars of book marketing, along with the Amazon book cover thumbnail test, the first sale, what should authors do after the launch, media kit and more. 

Here’s the panel of speakers you’ll get to learn from: the host (Eric Van Der Hope), Alexa Bigwarfe, Alinka Rutkowska, Amber Vilhauer, April Cox, Azul Terronez, Beth Baldwin Lottig, Brian Berni, Bruce Jones, Carla King, Dave Chesson, David Newman, David Wogahn, Derek Doepker, Derek Murphy, Geoff Affleck, Honoree Corder, Jeff Brown, Jenn Foster, Joel Pitney, John Tighe, Jonathan Green, Jonathan Gunson, Joris van Leeuwen, Julie A Broad, Karen Ferreira, Kary Oberbrunner, Kate Colbert, Laura Bush, Laurie Wright, Lisa Pelto, Lise Cartwright, Mandi Lynn, Marcy Pusey, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Matt McWilliams, Melanie Johnson, Michael Hanrahan, Mike Acker, Morgan Gist MacDonald, Patricia Wooster, Penny Sansevieri, Philip Duncan, Ray Brehm, Richard McCartney, Robert Plevin, Sarah Fletcher, Stacy Schoppenhorst Bauer, Tara Alemany and Wendy Keller, hhhh… and ME! 

Not sure how to launch your book? Get strategies and tips on how to create a pre-launch buzz, how to leverage social media, how to build a launch team, how to collaborate with influencers, hosting virtual events, offering pre-order incentives, eMail marketing campaigns, and much, much more. You’ll learn the fundamentals and the importance of preparation. Check out the event details here: https://brucejones–

You can choose to get a free pass or purchase a ticket as an upgrade for further benefits and bonuses!

Check out the Book Launch Summit At  https://brucejones–