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Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, September 12-15

Susan Crossman The Conscious Leader's Book Writing Summit, Sept 12-15, 2023
Susan Crossman The Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, Sept 12-15, 2023

I will be speaking at Susan Crossman’s Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, September 12-15, 2023. This is my second time at Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, had a great first time and looking forward to coming back.

Watch for me on Friday, Sept 15th at 11:00 am. I will be speaking live on What Are the 4 Steps You Can Use to Market Your Book.

  1. Using your book’s content to sell your book
  2. Make noise and spread awareness
  3. Selling your book
  4. And most importantly, making your book easy to find and buy.

Writing an impactful book is one of the biggest dreams a lot of people entertain, and it’s also an extremely demanding project.

That’s why you’re invited to attend my friend Susan Crossman’s “Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit,” a powerful four-day event that allows you to learn from some of the most authoritative and heart-centered experts in the field of book writing, book publishing, and book marketing.

During this September 12-15 online event, you will discover:

  • How to develop an unbeatable success mindset so you can start and finish your book with ease
  • How to develop lasting habits that will support you in the writing of your book
  • How to structure your book like a pro
  • How to improve your storytelling and writing skills
  • How to publish and market your book in the most impactful way possible

And much more!

The summit is complimentary, but I encourage you to register for the $97 VIP ticket, which gets you all the recordings plus an astounding array of fabulous gifts from the speakers.

Click here to register for FREE 

Susan believes in combining creativity with practicality and her events are always packed with value and inspiration. She creates a terrific community for emerging authors. Don’t miss this event!