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99 Ways to Launch and Market Your Book, Checklist

99 Ways to Launch and market your book checklist.

Bring your book marketing to the next level with the book marketing checklist. Our new book marketing checklist inscludes: 99 Ways to Online Marketing, Offline Marketing, Content Marketing, Collaborative Marketing, Engaging Content, Creative Outreach, Email Marketing, Educational Outreach, Book Reviews, and much more.

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Online Marketing

• Build an author website.

• Start a blog related to your book’s themes.

• Guest post on other relevant blogs.

• Engage with readers on social media platforms.

• Create and share book trailers on YouTube.

• Participate in online forums and discussions.

• Host virtual book launch events.

• Offer free downloadable content related to your book.

• Run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads or place your own ads on your sites.

• Host a Social Media AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

• Join Goodreads and engage with readers.

• Collaborate with book influencers for reviews.

• Host a X (Twitter), Linkedin, Threads, and chat about your book.

• Create and share visually appealing graphics on Pinterest.

• Utilize hashtags to increase visibility on social media.

• Write and distribute press releases about your book.


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Offline Marketing

• Attend local book fairs and author events.

• Arrange book signings at local bookstores.

• Give talks at libraries, schools, or community centers.

• Collaborate with local businesses for cross-promotion.

• Join or start a local book club.

• Offer to speak at relevant conferences.

• Donate copies of your book to local charity auctions.

• Create eye-catching bookmarks and distribute them.

• Design and distribute flyers at community hubs.

• Network with other authors for joint events.

• Print posters of your book cover for local display.

• Write articles for local newspapers or magazines.

• Get featured on local radio or TV shows.


Content Marketing

• Write guest posts for niche websites and your own blog.

• Create a podcast discussing your book’s themes.

• Start a YouTube channel for author insights.

• Offer a free chapter or excerpt on your website.

• Write articles on Medium or LinkedIn.

• Submit articles to online magazines.

• Create and share infographics related to your book.

• Record audio versions of excerpts or chapters.

• Write guest posts for writing-related websites.

• Participate in virtual author roundtables.


Collaborative Marketing

• Partner with bookstores for exclusive offers.

• Collaborate with other authors on joint promotions.

• Join author collectives or cooperatives.

• Offer to do interviews for podcasts.

• Exchange reviews with other authors in your genre.

• Participate in multi-author book bundles.

• Collaborate with illustrators for special editions.


Engaging Content

• Run contests or giveaways on social media (check local rules).

• Host a book-themed online quiz.

• Create a reader’s guide for book clubs.

• Start a book-inspired challenge on social media.

• Share behind-the-scenes insights into your writing process.

• Create a character interview or backstory.

• Share reader testimonials and reviews.

• Host a book cover design contest.


Creative Outreach

• Send personalized notes to local influencers.

• Connect with book bloggers for reviews.

• Send advance copies to book review sites.

• Offer your book as a prize for charity auctions.

• Gift copies to influential people in your niche.

• Create book-related merchandise for giveaways.

• Reach out to book subscription box services.


Utilize Local Resources

• Partner with local coffee shops for promotions.

• Collaborate with local schools or universities.

• Seek opportunities for local media coverage.

• Donate books to local libraries.

• Offer to do readings at local book clubs.


Email Marketing

• Build and maintain an email list.

• Send out regular author newsletters.

• Offer exclusive content to newsletter subscribers.

• Run email-exclusive promotions or discounts.


Innovative Approaches

• Create an interactive website experience.

• Host virtual book tours with other authors.

• Develop a mobile app related to your book.

• Create a choose-your-own-adventure online experience.

• Engage in book-related TikTok challenges.


Educational Outreach:

• Reach out to schools or clubs for author visits.

• Offer discounts for bulk book orders to educators.

• Create educational resources based on your book.


In-Person Engagement

• Attend book-related conventions and expos.

• Organize workshops or writing seminars.

• Speak at book-related workshops or conferences.


Bookstore Presence

• Arrange book signings at major bookstores.

• Create eye-catching shelf talkers.

• Display your book prominently at local bookstores.


Book Reviews and Endorsements

• Reach out to book bloggers and reviewers.

• Seek endorsements from established authors.

• Submit your book for awards and competitions.



• Translate your book into other languages.

• Create region-specific marketing campaigns.


Seasonal and Timely Promotions

• Align your marketing with relevant holidays.

• Capitalize on current events or trends.


Book Clubs

• Host a virtual book club discussion.

• Provide discussion guides for book clubs.


Diverse Formats

• Create an audio-book version of your book.

• Offer a large print edition for visually impaired readers.


Give Back

• Donate a portion of sales to a charity.

• Partner with a nonprofit organization for promotions.

• Create a scholarship fund or writing contest.

• Host a fundraising event related to your book’s themes.


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