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Testing My Rain Gear in a Full Downpour

Bruce with all his rain gear, ready for the test

My hike of the West Highland Way in Scotland is coming up soon, I can’t wait. This September, I will be hiking with my sister from Glasgow, 96 miles north to Fort Williams. Today I had a great opportunity to …

My Hiking Backpacking Checklist

Hiking and packpacking

Your gear is everything when you are hiking. Carrying too little or too much can be a life-or-death result. I have been able to do a nice bit of long-distance hiking over the past couple of years and looking forward …

99 Ways to Launch and Market Your Book, Checklist

99 Ways to Launch and market your book checklist.

99 Ways to Launch and market your book checklist.

Bring your book marketing to the next level with the book marketing checklist. Our new book marketing checklist inscludes: 99 Ways to Online Marketing, Offline Marketing, Content Marketing, Collaborative Marketing, Engaging Content, Creative Outreach, Email Marketing, Educational Outreach, Book Reviews, …

Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, September 12-15

Susan Crossman The Conscious Leader's Book Writing Summit, Sept 12-15, 2023

I will be speaking at Susan Crossman’s Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, September 12-15, 2023. This is my second time at Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit, had a great first time and looking forward to coming back.

Watch for …

Book Marketing Summit with Eric Van Der Hope

Book Marketing Summit, August 14-18, 2023, Launch your book to the world

Book Launch Summit, August 14-18

I’m excited to be part of Eric Van Der Hope’s Book Launch Summit: an online event being held August 14-18, 2023. Eric has brought together 50+ Book Publishing & Marketing Experts to help

Off to Alaska, Completed Visiting All 50 USA States

Visited all 50 USA States


My wife and I have completed visiting all 50 USA States. From Florida to California, Maine to Hawaii. We have now visited the last one on the list, Alaska. I didn’t start out with a goal of visiting all …