Make stuff, sell stuff

How to Sell Your Book, How I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon, The Inside Secrets

By J. Bruce Jones

In my newest book, learn how I marketed and sold over 50 books over the last ten years on Amazon. I reveal all my inside secrets and tips that you can use to sell your books.

In How to Sell Your Book I teach you about how to use your book’s content to market and sell your books online. You will learn how to create and spread noise and awareness about your book so readers can find it. And third, selling your book, making your book easy to buy. This book contains practical tips, steps, and examples you can use today to market and sell your books. Learn my inside secrets.

  • How I Sell My Book on Amazon includes the Book Marketing Checklist 
  • Prep Before You Publish, getting everything in order makes the process go so much smoother, includes the Media Kit Worksheet 
  • Using Your Book’s Content to Sell Your Book. Learn how I have used this technique for years to market my books. Let Google bring your buyers. 
  • Make Noise and Spreading Awareness, using the power of social media to spread your message to the world. 
  • Selling Your Book, there are many more ways to sell your book than just Amazon. I give you lots of examples you can use on your books. 
  • Make Your Book Easy to Buy, authors market their books but don’t give the reader a way to buy them, I show you how to avoid this mistake. 
  • Repurpose Your Content for additional products. Two of my bestselling books came out of other books I had written. 
  • Lessons from 10 Years of Creating Books, I share them all. 
  • Selling Your Book Checklist