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99 Ways to Launch and Market Your Book, Checklist

99 Ways to Launch and market your book checklist.

99 Ways to Launch and market your book checklist.

Bring your book marketing to the next level with the book marketing checklist. Our new book marketing checklist inscludes: 99 Ways to Online Marketing, Offline Marketing, Content Marketing, Collaborative Marketing, Engaging Content, Creative Outreach, Email Marketing, Educational Outreach, Book Reviews, …

How You Can Build an Author Platform for Your Book

Prep Before You Publish

You are ready to publish your book. Editing and design/layout are underway. Publishing is right around the corner. What should I be doing? Let’s build a base to start from. It is time to start getting …

I Didn’t Learn to Write Until I Was 53

Who am I? I am J. Bruce Jones, a 33+ year business graphic designer. I have created every kind of design project you can imagine. Designing logos, brochures, environmental wall graphics, books, newsletters, presentations, reports, and more. It has been …

Did I Really Sell $322,650 Worth of Books on Amazon?

selling books in a store

What Are the Real Numbers Behind $322,650?

I made a bold statement on the cover. I sold $322,650 worth of books on That equals 34,605 books from March 2010 to October 2020. I didn’t do it in one launch …

How Do I Sell My Book on Amazon?

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How Do I Sell My Book on Amazon?

I am published, now what, how do I sellI see some version of this question all the time. You have published your book on Amazon and congratulations, but now what? You might have done a full-on book launch or …