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The Gumroad 30 Day Challenge – Resources

How to Market and Sell Your Book, self publishing is running a cool 30 day exercise for building an online business using their service. Gumroad is a platform that you can use for hosting your digital products. They take care of all the back end, the e-commerce stuff …

Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited, Tips for Launching Your Book

How to Self-Publish your Book, Create, Publish and Sell

July 29, 2014 Publishing Newsletter

Amazon Kindle announced a new direction for their books. They are releasing a monthly subscription service called Kindle Unlimited.

Brick-and-mortar bookstores aren’t dead, in fact, they seem to be making a comeback. Watch this …

Self Publishing Platforms Compared

How to Self-Publish your Book, Create, Publish and Sell

We all know about the Kindle Publishing Platform but there are many other self-publishing platforms, in this article by Ben Macklin of we learn about some of the others.

The following article compares eight self-publishing platforms:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing

Types of Books You Can Create and Where to Make Them

Self-Publishing SECRETS, Create, Publish & Launch your Book

By Bruce Jones

Books come in all kinds of styles now, not just hardcover, but paperback, electronic, video, and audio. Below is a list of just some of the kinds for books that you can create. Because you now control …