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How to Sell Your Book Media Kit

How to Sell Your Book

How I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon, the Inside Secrets

In my new book, I share my inside secrets on selling books from creating and publishing over 50 titles over the last

Bruce Speaks to Thailand with the Video Workshop

I recently gave a presentation to students in Thailand over Skype for the Video Workshop with Bill Gentile, I talked about what you do after you have produced a video. This information also applies to your book. What do you …

15 Favorite Social Media Tips, PodCast

Just recorded my first podcast using GarageBand and SoundCloud, it went pretty easy. The podcast was a list of my favorite social media tips.

I also posted it on Google+ and that works really well. This embed code looks a …

Google+, What It Is and How it Works

By Bruce Jones
I recently gave a presentation to the Legal Marketing Association/New England (LMA), Social Media Group on what is Google+ and how does it work to enhance and build out your social media presence. It went pretty well, …