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Book Marketing Summit with Eric Van Der Hope

Book Marketing Summit, August 14-18, 2023, Launch your book to the world

Book Launch Summit, August 14-18

I’m excited to be part of Eric Van Der Hope’s Book Launch Summit: an online event being held August 14-18, 2023. Eric has brought together 50+ Book Publishing & Marketing Experts to help

How to Create Your Own Business Book at Conference 21

Conference 21 virtual event feb 20-21

Conference 21 virtual event feb 20-21

February 20-21, I will be speaking at the virtual, Conference 21 run by Michael Whitehouse. The conference will have topics on:

• Why PR is Still Relevant in a Digital World

• Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

• Why …

10 Steps for Creating and Publishing Your Book

Self-Publishing SECRETS, Create, Publish & Launch your Book

Self-publishing your book is just the coolest thing. Self-publishing has been around for years but more along the lines of vanity presses. Now self-publishing actually means you are the publisher and you are in control. For me, this new era

17 Ways to Promote Your Book with a Blog Post

Blogging your book

Blogging your book


Promote your posts. Rather than simply writing content for your blog, you will get much more traction by posting a bit of the content elsewhere in order to lead readers back to your blog postings.

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