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Key Questions to Ask About Self-Publishing Your Book

Key Questions to Ask for Self Publishing Your Book
In today’s broadcast, I talk about getting ready to publish your book and highlight some of the key questions. What kind of book are you creating? Paperback, hardcover, or ebook? Traditional or Self-publishing your book? Where do I publish my

Amazon Royalty Rates and Making Money with Your Book

Money in a bagI had an excellent question come in today about my opinion of the royalty rates offered by Amazon for ebooks on the Kindle and I will also put in paperback books through CreateSpace. It is a question about making money …

Resources for Publishing Kindle and CreateSpace Books

How to Self-Publish your Book, Create, Publish and Sell

Kindle Book ResourcesI have had a conversation today with some friends of mine on resources for publishing Kindle and print-on-demand books using services like Kindle/Amazon, CreateSpace/Amazon, and I thought I would start pulling some of this together in a post so …