10 Tips on How to Make Your Blog Work for Your Marketing

Making Blogs Work for Your BusinessOne of my big points about marketing on-line and having a blog/website is that you can look at the stats and get a good sense of what people are interested in. Blogs generally work easier for this but websites work also especially if you add graphics with alt tags. I always recommend that you put out a variety of content on your topic and off your topic and constantly test and see what happens. You are crowd sourcing your content. We don’t know who we are, the world knows who we are. Our job is it try and figure how the world sees us and match ourselves up with that view. If we can match it can lead to great success.

The question is often why do this, one answer is to see what people like, market research.  But generally it is almost impossible to figure out why people come to our sites and what they want. Second is the ability to use this information and connect back with your visitors and advance our business. This article by Pat Flynn from his blog SmartPassiveIncome gives you the tools of what to do with these popular posts after people arrive. There are some great tips here.

10 Specific Strategies to Make Your ‘Most Popular Posts’ Work Even Harder For You

Week 5 Blog Post: Write About the Services Your Company Offers

Week 56 Blog Post, Write About the Services Your Company Offers

Week 56 Blog Post, Write About the Services Your Company Offers

Week 5: Write About the Services your Company Offers, For today’s blog post I want you to write about the kind of services your company has to offer.

We have written about what we do in week one. Today I want you to be a little more personal.  Write about how we approach our clients and customers in terms of solving problems and building relationships. This is how you do what you do on a daily basis. Does your company service your products themselves or after you buy something you are on your own. Do you have customer loyalty programs, or guarantees, events, award your favorite vendors. Like my local coffee shop has a buy 10 get one free, or discounts for preferred customers. What kind of feedback method do you use-social media, toll free number, twitter. Remember your best customers are your existing customers, they are already buying from you, what are you doing to keep them happy.

A good article on 8 Customer Service Myths that Could Be Costing Your Company Money from the Huffington Post

You can pick up a copy of 52 Blog Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog book in Print or Kindle at Amazon.com and kick start your company blog

Check out the video below

Week 4: Take and Show Pictures of Your Office

Week 4 Blog Post: Take and Show Pictures of Your Office or Where You Work

Week 4 Blog Post: Take and Show Pictures of Your Office or Where You Work

Week 4: Take and Show Pictures of Your Office, For today’s blog post I want you to take some photos of your location, your office, the building, etc and post them on your blog and other social media platforms. It is time to introduce your readers to your world. Two or three images will work just fine.

Our offices all sit somewhere and showing some pictures of our locations is a great way to say we are more than a phone call or e-mail address. Add some personality to your business and fill out the picture a little. People love behind the scenes images; all you need is your digital camera. Check out the video below.

My book is now available in print and Kindle from Amazon and shortly for the Kobo reader.

Tips on Creating Content by Jeff Cutler from the Boston Media Makers meetup

Jeff Cutler showing his big and small camera bags that he takes into the field

Jeff Cutler showing his big and small camera bags that he takes into the field




Today I attended an excellent Boston Media Makers, #BMM meetup at Doyles in Jamaica Plain hosted by Steve Garfield. These meetups are held the first Sunday of every month at 10:00-12:00. Today it rained like crazy so only about 12-15 people came by but it was excellent. Today was a little different also because we had a presentation by Jeff Cutler the social media journalist on Backpack Journalism and creating content. Jeff showed his gear both the big bag and his shoulder bag. Going off to do a story these day is often a technology challenge for the reporter. They have to carry a camera, do audio, write in the field and upload everything to some place.

Jeff showed us his favorite bag for hauling all his camera gear and computer along with giving us a list of tips to follow. The big camera bag is from ThinkTankPhoto and will fit in any airplane overhead storage bin. It was called the Airport Essentials I think, there are several.

Tips for creating content:

  • Know your audience
  • Know yourself
  • Know what is going on around you, follow social media, and feeds from your favorite sites
  • Knowing what is going on around you will allow you to make derivative stories, I call this go wide with your stories. Don’t stay on one topic
  • Know your capabilities
  • Know your passions, what do you like and don’t like
  • Know your market if you want to make money
  • Know how you want to share your material and where it should be.

You can learn more about Jeff at JeffCutler.com
Boston Media makers is located at bostonmediamakers.wordpress.com/Steve Garfield is at SteveGarfield.com, Steve also has an excellent gear list for doing live video at this site.

Week 3: Answer the #1 Questions Your Customers Should Be Asking

Week 3: Customer Questions. For today’s blog post I want you to write about questions your customers should ask when they work with a company like yours. These are the questions that they might not be asking but that would help make for a more informed customer. This is Week 3 from the book “52 Ideas to Inspire your Business Blog” where we ask you a weekly question to spark your blogging creativity.

In every transaction there are some general questions that should be asked but often are not; answers that would really help the project move forward but for one reason or another they get missed. You can really help your clients by answering those key questions that they should be asking.

These can be the customer support questions, or Frequently Asked Questions, or customer service questions. All of these are important and you can jump start and answer these questions before they are even asked.

Additional Blog Ideas:
• Answer a common new-customer question in your niche. Maybe you run a fly fishing tour company and one of your Frequently Asked Questions is “Can I bring my spouse?”

Week 3: Customer Questions

Week 3: Write and Post on Your Blog Your Main Customer Questions

Week 2: Elevator Speech, Write it Out and Add to Your Blog

Week 2, Elevator Speech, For this weeks blog assignment I want you to write out your business or personal elevator speech.

Your elevator speech is that short 15-30 second story about you or your business. You should be able to cover all the essentials in the time it takes to ride an elevator to the top floor. There should be an introduction, then several key points and then a close.

Parts of an elevator speech
1. Introduction
2. Body, 3 points
3. Conclusion, wrap up
4. Close or call to action

Think about the services or features that you deliver and the benefits to your clients of working with you. Give a conclusion and then a close. If appropriate you could add in a call to action, but don’t get too overbearing. Remember, benefits are those things you offer that your client doesn’t have but needs.

I sometimes also describe your elevator speech as what you say to someone you bump into on the street or at a conference. You haven’t seen them for a long time and you are both hurrying in the opposite direction but you want to let them know what you do.

You want to make sure you get out the who, what, where, why and how of your business.

Practice this speech until it rolls off your tongue. The elevator speech is also used in the about or summary boxes on services like Linkedin, on your Facebook fan page or on your blog.

This weeks assignment is from my newest book “52 Ideas to Inspire your Business Blog” where we ask you a weekly question to spark your blogging creativity, available at Amazon.com

Week 2: Write and Post Your Business Elevator Speech

Week 2: Write and Post Your Business Elevator Speech

Blogging Ideas, Week 8: Where is Your Business Located?

Week 8 Business Location

Where is your business located?

Today I want you to write about where your business is located. Are you a local business, national or do you do business globally. Even small businesses can be global, maybe you use Skype to connect with clients in other countries. Tell us how far you spread. My own World of Maps editable clip art for PowerPoint sells all over the planet from one location.

My new book 52 Blog Ideas for Business, A New Question Every Week to Kick Start our Business Blogging is just about ready for release on Amazon. The files are loaded up, just waiting for the processing. For a limited time you can download a free pdf copy of the book. Click here to download a copy

Our New Book to Get You Started Blogging Has a Title

I have been running a very interesting experiment on my new book on blogging. The book is filled with ideas to kick start your creative juices and get your blogging going. Blogging can be tough sometimes, it is hard to keep coming up with idea. I have struggle though with what the title of this book should be. So what I did was ask the world. I crowd sourced it over 4 different Facebook groups and pages that I belong to.

My title efforts were shown to over 4,000 people connected to 4 different FB groups. In the process I collected about 25 comments, it has been very interesting.  I really liked some of the comments, it neat to see how people see and interpreted what I am trying to do. In the previous post I laid out 5 different titles and subtitle for everyone to look at and make comments.

Most people liked idea #3. “52 Blog Ideas for Business: A New Question Every Week to Spark Your Business Blogging.” Within 2 minutes of posting I had responses, with the first one rrearranging the order of the words in the subtitle, making it way better. The person switched Week from the middle of the subtitle to the front and making it Weekly. “Weekly Questions” is way better than “Questions Every Week.” Over the next several days a lot of other great comments came in.

Here are some of the title ideas:

  • 52 Blog Topics to Inspire Your Business Blog
  • Business Blogging: 52 Great Ideas to Spark Your Blog
  • Business Blogging: Great Questions to Inspire You 52 Weeks of the Year
  • Blog Blaster: 52 Quick and Easy Steps to Improve Your Blogging
  • 52 Quick and Easy Steps to Take Your Blogging to the Next Level
  • 52 Weeks To Better Blogs – or – 52 Better Blogs – 52 Best Blogs
  • Your Blog Written For You For A Year
  • 52 Weeks to Better Blogs … or 52 Ways to Reignite Your Business Blog
  • Get Unstuck” 52 Questions to Spark Your Business Blog Writing
  • Ignite Your Blog: 52 Ideas to Challenge Your Business
  • Subtitle: Weekly Questions to Spark Your Creativity

So what I did was combine several of these ideas and pull together a title. I am pleased with the process and the result.

52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog: Weekly Questions to Spark Your Blogging Creativity

I find that Facebook groups are very powerful and can be filled with some excellent questions and answers. It is very easy to participate in a group and get involved. I encourage it. Next is pull together the cover and finish up any editing.

Looking for Help with The Title for My New Blogging Book

I have a new book coming out to help business bloggers come up with ideas. The book has 52 different questions, one for each week. All you need to do is write an answer for that week’s question on your blog. I trying to pick the title but a little stuck. Please give me feedback on the titles below,  comments welcome, thank you.

1. Inspire Your Blogging with 52 Great Ideas
Subtitle: A New Question for Every Week

2. Inspire Your Blogging with 52 Great Ideas
Subtitle: A New Question Every Week to Spark Your Business Blogging

3. 52 Blog Ideas for Business
Subtitle: A New Question Every Week to Spark Your Business Blogging

4. Spark Your Blogging with 52 Great Ideas
Subtitle: A New Question Every Week to Inspire Your Business Blogging

5. 52 Blog Topics to Inspire Your Business Blog
Subtitle: A New Question for Every Week

Please drop a comment and let me know which title or combination you like best