How to Build Your Author Platform Using a Facebook Group

Building Your Platform Using a Facebook Group

Building Your Platform Using a Facebook Group, slides for the videos

I am working on a quick little course as part of the Small Product Lab 10 challenge. WEEEEEE. I am getting there and trying to keep up. One of the points they talk about is getting exposure and pushing your content out to the world. So ok, below is the outline for my course which I should be makeing into videos shortly. #SmallProductLab #SPLDay5

How To Build Your Author Platform Using a Facebook Group, On-Line Course

What is an Author Platform?
• Intro
• All the points of connection that you have with the world
• All your followers, social media, Factbook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
• Customers, people who gave you money, bought your products
• Email list
• Event attendees, co-workers and family
• Members of associations or organizations that you belong to

Why is an Author Platform Important?
• These are the people that buy your books and products
• They hire you to speak at their events
• They give you reviews on Amazon
• They will spread your story and become your champions

Why Use a Facebook Public Group?
• Easy to set up
• Huge global audience
• Widely accepted
• People can discover and get to know you without to much engagement
• Easy to connect, speed to connecion, different levels of connection
• Easy for your fans to post and participate in your group and community
• Easy to share content, images, videos and files
• Easy to build your community

How to Make a Facebook Public Group
• Select a good name, search on group names, keywords, rolls off the tongue
• Go for the topic instead of your name, be the expert in your topic

• Step-by-Step setup
• Select your banner images, basic rules
• Banner file size 851 pixels x 315 pixels
• Preload your group with your own members and friends
• How to make a post
• Posting images, videos, files

How to Manage Your Facebook Group
• Thank all new members for joining
• Engagement and building your community
• Strategies for dealing with fans
• Setting rules and guidelines
• Enforcing your rules, kicking people out of your group
• Asking and answering questions, polls
• Introducing your projects and services, consulting
• Selling without selling

How to Create Content Quickly
• Write posts, create videos
• Answer questions
• Let the content come to you, notice what is going by in the stream of life
• Set up Google Alerts, review results, select and repost
• Subscribe to subject matter blogs and websites with newsletters and emails
• Subject matter forums
• Search and repost videos
• Encourage members to post, respond and contribute to each post

Build and Promote Your Group
• Promote everywhere
• Mention in your videos, your social media, and blog posts
• On your website set up a direct link button
• Add to your email signature

Building Your Platform
• Build your presence by highlighting your expertise
• Connect and build community
• Move people from your group to your website to your email list
• Gain Exposure

10 Tips on How to Make Your Blog Work for Your Marketing

Making Blogs Work for Your BusinessOne of my big points about marketing on-line and having a blog/website is that you can look at the stats and get a good sense of what people are interested in. Blogs generally work easier for this but websites work also especially if you add graphics with alt tags. I always recommend that you put out a variety of content on your topic and off your topic and constantly test and see what happens. You are crowd sourcing your content. We don’t know who we are, the world knows who we are. Our job is it try and figure how the world sees us and match ourselves up with that view. If we can match it can lead to great success.

The question is often why do this, one answer is to see what people like, market research.  But generally it is almost impossible to figure out why people come to our sites and what they want. Second is the ability to use this information and connect back with your visitors and advance our business. This article by Pat Flynn from his blog SmartPassiveIncome gives you the tools of what to do with these popular posts after people arrive. There are some great tips here.

10 Specific Strategies to Make Your ‘Most Popular Posts’ Work Even Harder For You

Interview with Stephanie Bavaro, The Making of a #1 Best Seller

As a graphic designer these days we are called upon to help with many aspects of a project. Not only must we do design, but also marketing, social media, video, all kinds of stuff. Having a love of publishing and now selling around 300 books a month on my own, I get asked to help with a lot of book projects. As was the case recently with Stephanie Bavaro where I was asked to step in and help with her book launch. The result was that Stephanie’s book went to #1 international best seller status in 4 countries. Very cool.

Stephanie was very nice and granted me an interview on the process of making a best selling book. Some great lessons here. In this interview Stephanie takes us through the process of how she made her new book “GREATful Woman Talks!: Volume 1: Giving From Your Overflow Starts with Self-Care!” and brought it to #1 best seller status in 4 countries and 6 categories.

Stephanie talks about putting the book together, building her publishing platform, social media, launch day, her team behind the scenes, what has happened since and lessons learned.

GREATful Woman Talks, Vol 1 is available at

Collection of Interviews includes:
• Giving From Your Overflow Begins with Self-Care with Lisa Nichols
• How to Rise Above Mediocre Status Quo Living and Become the Woman God Created You To Be! with Dee Marshall
• Getting Fit and Sassy from the Inside Out! with Kate McKay
• Mother’s Self Care! with Mia Redrick
• Telling Your Authentic Story: How to Access the True Power of Who You Really Are! with Christine Kloser
• Creating a Sacred Space to Unlock Your Highest Calling! with Nikki Klugh
• Life Balance for Success: Your Body, Bedroom, Babies, and Boardroom! with Tanya Penny
• The H Factor: Using Your Heart, Hustle and Humility to Make it Happen! with Vasavi Kumar
• Up Level Your Life and Change the Game of Your Success! with Allyson Byrd
• Living Strong, Lean & Flexible with Stephanie Bavaro

To learn more about Stephanie Bavaro please visit

Creating Photobooks with Your Smart Phone

I just had a great interview by Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Podcast on my publishing efforts and one of the products I mentions was the Mosaic app that grabs images off your phone and assembles them into a 20 page book that you can print and publish. It was so easy to make this book that you could easily go to an event, take 20 pictures, load them into Mosaic on your phone and you have a great gift for your host. It was really cool. You can fine out more at Below are some images from one of my book projects using the Mosaic app. You can also search in the app store. To hear the podcast with Keith please connect with the earlier post, Click Here.

The Mosaic book comes in this cool box.

The Mosaic book comes in this cool box.

photo 3

The book arrives in a box with a cool cover wrap. Inside you can see how it sits in the box.

Bruce on Instant Authority Expert PodCast with Keith Shannon

Instant Authority ExpertI just had a great experience with podcaster Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert. Keith interviewed me for over an hour on publishing and my tips and strategies. We covered how-to self publish and about how to market your work, Included was : how to read the Amazon sales page, some basic marketing tips and re-purposing your content. Along with Beatles or the Rolling Stones, Dogs or Cats. Keith was great, high energy and lots of fun.
You can check out the podcast on iTunes, click here

Interviewing on Instant Authority Expert, what fun

I had a cool experience yesterday being interviewed  by Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast. Keith is pumped with energy and makes for a fun experience. I think we talked for over an hour about publishing and living a free lance life. When the show goes live I will put it up. It was interesting to see him put the show together. We talked over Skype but he recorded for audio. We talked about my favorite topic, publishing. How easy it is to get into. The Amazon sales page and how much info you can learn about your market, some simple marketing tips that anyone can do and much more. Super fun. And as I mentioned in the show, be sure to sign up on the right for a free copy of my How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide.

To learn more about Instant Authority Expert click here.

Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast

Keith Shannon of Instant Authority Expert Pod Cast

Fast Start Video, 12 Tips for Setting Up Your YouTube Channel and Videos

I am one of the co-directors of the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup #BIMM and we recently did a presentation on how to make simple promotional videos using the phone in your pocket, usually a smartphone. The presentation went great and was a lot of fun. Along with the other members of the team, Lew Sabbag, Keith Spiro and Andrew Penziner we demonstrated the production of two quick promo videos. Keith did a general intro video and I did one on my new book “How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide”. Each member talked about different aspects to about 20 participants. Lots of questions, and we had 5 people take us up on our offer to make a video.

In all our presentations we always try to have some kind of handout with the key points of the event. For this event I put together some key video production pointers, plus a section on how to set up your YouTube Channel and your video. I would love you to have the handout, Fast Start Video Handout.

Fast Start Video, 12 Tips for Setting Up Your YouTube Channel and Videos, click the link above to download a pdf

Fast Start Video, 12 Tips for Setting Up Your YouTube Channel and Videos, click the link above to download a pdf

Sample Video ScriptOur second handout from the session was a sheet with a couple of sample scripts that you can use to create your promotional or book trailer video. The scripts are based on answering 4 statements.
1. Who I am.
2. This is what I have got.
3. This is what it will do for you.
4. This is what I want you to do next.
Download here, BIMM Sample Video Scripts


Here is the  video that I produced using an iPhone and the YouTube Capture app that records and uploads your video right to your YouTube channel

To receive more of my marketing handouts please sign-up for my weekly newsletter and resource guides over on the right. Be sure to see my new book on How To Publish, click here to learn more about the book

MGH Childhood Cancer Marathon Wall Project on

My MGH Childhood Cancer Marathon Wall project directed by Dr. Weinstein and team from last summer, became the subject of a nice article on the site April 17. The article focused on the program and its relationship with the Boston Marathon. It was also the subject of a radio story. It was great to be part of this project and to see now how it is being used to highlight and showcase the Cancer Program. Dr. Weinstein is often shown or interviewed in front of one of the walls. It gives them a powerful background to work off of.

The wall has also given the program a place to center around and as Dr. Weinstein says “It was really to also bring to life on a daily basis how important the Marathon program is to our childhood cancer program,” and “also I think to be an inspiration to our patients who will be participating in future years.” ©

The radio story was called Marathon Inspires at MGH Childhood Cancer Program and can be heard here

To read the full article please visit

Marathon Inspires at MGH Childhood Cancer Program on

Marathon Inspires at MGH Childhood Cancer Program on

Google+, What It Is and How it Works

By Bruce Jones
I recently gave a presentation to the Legal Marketing Association/New England (LMA), Social Media Group on what is Google+ and how does it work to enhance and build out your social media presence. It went pretty well, and was well received.

I have to admit I started out not really caring much about Google+ because I didn’t really understand it or how it works. After doing all the research to prepare for the presentation I have flipped around 180 degrees on my opinion. It is very powerful and offers a lot of tools to help advance your social media efforts.

I had a nice comment on the presentation from one of the participants

Thanks for sharing these slides!
Your presentation was great and has challenged me to become active on Google+!

For the presentation I also put together a document with all of my notes and some resources that goes along with the presentation. Feel free to download the notes.

Why Google Presentation Bruce Jones

“How to Publish Your Book” Releases Feb 15 in the Kindle Store

How to Publish Your Book, Beginners Guide

How to Publish Your Book, Available at

By Bruce Jones

I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, How to Publish Your Book, A Beginner’s Guide for Print, Digital and e-Books. In this book I take you through an introduction and overview to self-publishing. The services, the different kinds of books you can create, the where, why and how. The power is in your hands and we can now publish, distribute and sell our writing around the world for almost no money or resistance. It is an amazing moment in time, and we can take advantage of it. This book shows you how.

How to Publish Your Book covers why you should self-publish, how you can make money from publishing your own books, and where you should publish. How to Publish Your Book talks about using the latest print-on-demand services like and for producing paperback, hard cover, photo and audio books. After discussing where to publish we turn to where to sell your book, the types of books you can make and then how you do it. The book also talks about the Kindle Comic Creator the new free application from Amazon that lets you publish graphic novels, comic books and children books super easy and very fast. After publishing and selling comes marketing and we have an overview of what to do before your start writing to build your platform and what to do after the book is out.

One of my favorite topics is how you can re-purposing of your content. Write it once and use it over and over in many different ways. We learn about some of the other product creation sites that you can use and how to extend your book.

In all of my books there is an extensive resource list of sites and services that you can use in creating your book and this continues that tradition. The list includes Layout and Design sites; including resources for; Clip Art, Color Palette Generators, Commercial Stock Photo Sites, Fonts, Online Photo Editing, and Public Domain Photo Sites. In the publishing resource we have Book Publishing, e-Book and Print-on-Demand Sites, e-Book Aggregators, and iPad publishing. Re-purposing Your Content includes; Blog Platforms, E-mail hosting, Google Resources, Video and Video Marketing, Photo Sharing, Single Subject Blog Sites and Social Media. The last section of the resources is about re-purposing your content, this section includes; Audio Recording Software, Screen Capture Software, Gift and Apparel Producers, Personal Broadcasting, Transcription Software, Video Distribution and Sharing, Web Based Screen Capture Software and Outsourcing.

How to Publish Your Book is available in the Amazon/Kindle Store. Shortly coming to print. Click here to see the Amazon page.