What is the Electoral College and How Does It Work?

Electoral College USA map for 2020

  What is the Electoral College? Every four years we have a Presidental election and the Electoral College comes into play. This is our uniquely American institution that elects the President of the United States every 4 years. The Electoral College is a body of electors established by the United States Constitution, which forms every […]

How to Make a Kindle Book Cover with Canva, Google Hangout Show

In this weeks How to Publish Your Book Show with Bruce The Book Guy I will be showing you how to make a Kindle Book Cover using the website Canva.com. This is a great site for building web graphics and makes building a cover pretty easy Do you want to publish your own book? It […]

Make a Book Your Business Calling Card

Books are powerful tools for spreading your message. Why not make a book your business calling card, here are the 10 steps to making this happen. Create a book about the lessons you have learned in your career. Your book can be a great leave behind or an introduction to what you do and who […]

MGH Childhood Cancer Marathon Wall Project on WBUR.org

My MGH Childhood Cancer Marathon Wall project directed by Dr. Weinstein and team from last summer, became the subject of a nice article on the WBUR.org site April 17. The article focused on the program and its relationship with the Boston Marathon. It was also the subject of a radio story. It was great to […]

How to Use Kindle Comic Creator to Convert your Graphic Book into a Kindle Book

I am really excited about this application from Amazon called Kindle Comic Creator. This free application allows you to produce Kindle books from your pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, jpg, really any kind of file you have that can generate a graphic file. It was one of my early goals with my original books was to move […]

How to Make a Hospital Room More Inviting

Boston Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in the country for emergency room and trauma. It ranks right up there with the best. If you get shot, or stabbed or in a bad accident, this is where you want to go. BMC was ground zero for the Boston Marathon Bombing, taking care of […]

Wrapping Portable X-Ray Machines for Kids and Adults

Boston Medical Center has a lot of scanners at their disposal for all kinds of emergencies and medical conditions. Sometimes you can’t move the patient to the machine so you bring the machine to the patient. To ease the process and make it a little less scary BMC brought me in to wrap two of […]

Car and Truck Graphics for a Local Service Company

I have been in the wrapping business lately, I feel like a mini Christo, the famous Bulgarian born artist known for wrapping buildings, beaches, canyons, all kinds of things. I actually saw his Newport Beach project when I was a kid. I have been wrapping walls, CT machines, X-Ray machines, stairwells, and cars and trucks. […]

CT Scanners Wrapped at Boston Medical Center

I have wrapped several interesting medical machines lately. One of the most interesting was 4 CT scanners at Boston Medical Center. The big doughnut looking devices can be scary if you are coming in an injury. BMC decided to dress them up and see if they could make them a little more friendly. I worked […]

Updated Stairwell in Boston Bank Building

I get called in for all kinds of environmental wall projects lately and one of the more challenging ones was wrapping a stairwell between two floors. The employees travel between these floors all the time and the client want to add some life to the walls. This client has offices in many cities and wanted […]