5 Day Book Marketing Challenge Releases, Give Your Book a Footprint in the World

5 Day Book Marketing Challenge Schedule

5 Day Book Marketing Challenge Schedule

I am is please to announce the release of the 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge for anyone who is trying to market their book. This Challenge is free to all participants and is being held in the How to Publish Your Book Facebook Group.

This challenge is designed for authors who currently have a book on Amazon and need to tune up their marketing and give it more life. But also new authors who will find it valuable as they begin to launch their books will find it valuable. Marketing your book is essential for publishing success. The Challenge is being released in Facebook over 5 days plus a Prep Day to a get ready and a Success Day at the end. Starting this weekend, July 29, 2017.

5 Things to Do to Market Your Book

5 Things to Do to Market Your Book

We will start with Day 1, July 31, on Monday July 31 and building a Media Kit, Day 2 we dive into your Amazon sales page, Day 3 is Social Media Day, on Day 4 we are going to make a simple Book Trailer Video and Day 5 we learn about Author Websites and Blogs. There is a companion book, 5 Things to Do to Market Your Book and a Workbook to record your success. Both books are available in the Facebook Group. Hope to see you and much success to marketing your book.​




Day 0: [Prep Day] Live

Day 1: [Media Kit Day] July 31, 2017
Day 2: [Amazon Day]
Day 3: [Social Media Day]
Day 4: [Video Day] YouTube/Facebook Live
Day 5: [Website Day] Author Website and Blogs

Day 6: [SUCCESS DAY] Rinse and Repeat Day Plus Bonuses

I hope you are already members of the How to Publish Your Book Facebook group if not click this link and join, https://www.facebook.com/groups/HowToPublishYourBo…

The How to Publish Your Group on Facebook now has over 2,000 members and is a great place to meet authors, as questions about self-publishing and launch your books.

Thank you again for being part of this publishing community and much success with your books

J. Bruce Jones Is the author and publisher of over 40 books, including the Book Marketing Checklist for Self-Publishing, Available on Amazon. I love teaching other people how to make and publish their own books. There is nothing like seeing an author hold their own new book in their hands.

Bruce is the creator of the 5 Day Book Marketing Challenge, to learn more or to purchase the full Challenge course with Bonuses please click here, 5DayBookChallenge.com

How to Market Your Book Online Course is Released

I am please to announce the release of my newest How to Publish Your Book course, How to Market Your Book

How to Market Your Book Online Course

How to Market Your Book Online Course

You have just published your first book? Are you asking “now what?” How do I market it? How do I get people to find it? Is this you? I am here to help. In this course I teach you everything I have learned about marketing and promoting my own books. I will teach you the concepts and tools to successfully market and sell your book. I am J. Bruce Jones and I am the author of over 35 books, selling over 3,600 books a year on Amazon.com in 5 of different categories.

In this online course covers:

  • General book marketing concepts, my main lessons
  • Ideally book marketing begins the day we start writing our books. This video covers stuff to do before you release your book
  • Amazon marketing, learn to use the most powerful store in the world to promote your book
  • Preparing for your book launch, getting your fans, platform and the market ready.
  • Everyone is trying to get an Amazon category best seller, Video 5 covers how.
  • When you get right into marketing having a media kit becomes very useful. This video walks you through what you need.
  • Your book is launched and on its way but the marketing doesn’t really ever stop. In Video 7 I talk about what you can do on an ongoing basis.
  • And finally we cover off line marketing. Not everything is the web, this video covers things you can outside of the web.

Bonus Videos
A big part of my book marketing is building a home on the web where everything can be directed. A place where your fans can learn more about you, Google can find you, your connections to Amazon and your social media. A great way to do this is build an author/book blog or website. In these two bonus video I show you how to build a book blog of your own

Book Marketing Checklist. I break it down to steps for each of the different tasks in this pdf booklet.
Book Marketing Action Plan, this pdf document gives you an outline for 3 different levels that you can work at for marketing your book. They go from simple and free to a full on book launch.

The course is available for download today,

Use discount code Bookmarketing for a 50% discount during the launch

How to Market Your Book Course with the Small Product Lab from Gumroad.com

Ok I am trying again. I recently participated in the first Small Product Lab 10 day product development project from Gumroad.com. That product was the How to Build a Facebook Group and it is almost done. I will finish it, life got in the way. I have been working on my big 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book Course which is just about finished up, editing the final videos. But it is huge course with around 60 videos. Tons of content, everything I know about publishing.

What I thought to do is to pull out some sections of that course and release some more focused, smaller learning. I put together a great module on book marketing called, How to Market Your Book with a book marketing check list, How to Create a Best Seller, and about 7 videos. With some re-branding and changing the video intros I could create a smaller, more focused course. Gumroad.com, which is this fantastic site that I use it all the time  for hosting small products of mine is running their third Small Product Lab. This would be a good motivator for releasing the product. Gumroad has a lot of training and information on how to make and sell products. Gumroad is an amazing site, what they do is host, deliver and handle all the back office ecommerce stuff for anything that you want to upload and sell.

The project lays out like this. Ten days, ten actionable lessons. Here’s the Gumroad game plan

Course Outline

  • Sept 28, What’s your product?  how to market

My product is called How to Market Your Book. is has 7 videos plus 2 bonus videos on how to make a book blog. The videos are based on my years of experience and what I have learned about marketing books. There are a million ways to go and it is one of the things that makes the process so confusing. I will also include a couple of handouts.

my quick course description
Learn the steps to marketing your new book. This course covers pre-book release marketing, book launching, how to get an Amazon bestseller and building your platform and media kit.

  • Sept 29, Plan, research and outline
  • Sept 30, Set up your profile
  • Oct 1, Start Marketing
  • Oct 2, Package it up
  • Oct 3, Work, assess, breathe
  • Oct 4, Decoding the pricing puzzle
  • Oct 5, Prep for launch day
  • Oct 6, Partner up
  • Oct 7, Reach out
  • Oct 8, Launch day!
  • Oct 14, Winner and honorable mentions announced


How to Build Your Author Platform Using a Facebook Group

Building Your Platform Using a Facebook Group

Building Your Platform Using a Facebook Group, slides for the videos

I am working on a quick little course as part of the Gumroad.com Small Product Lab 10 challenge. WEEEEEE. I am getting there and trying to keep up. One of the points they talk about is getting exposure and pushing your content out to the world. So ok, below is the outline for my course which I should be makeing into videos shortly. #SmallProductLab #SPLDay5

How To Build Your Author Platform Using a Facebook Group, On-Line Course

What is an Author Platform?
• Intro
• All the points of connection that you have with the world
• All your followers, social media, Factbook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
• Customers, people who gave you money, bought your products
• Email list
• Event attendees, co-workers and family
• Members of associations or organizations that you belong to

Why is an Author Platform Important?
• These are the people that buy your books and products
• They hire you to speak at their events
• They give you reviews on Amazon
• They will spread your story and become your champions

Why Use a Facebook Public Group?
• Easy to set up
• Huge global audience
• Widely accepted
• People can discover and get to know you without to much engagement
• Easy to connect, speed to connecion, different levels of connection
• Easy for your fans to post and participate in your group and community
• Easy to share content, images, videos and files
• Easy to build your community

How to Make a Facebook Public Group
• Select a good name, search on group names, keywords, rolls off the tongue
• Go for the topic instead of your name, be the expert in your topic

• Step-by-Step setup
• Select your banner images, basic rules
• Banner file size 851 pixels x 315 pixels
• Preload your group with your own members and friends
• How to make a post
• Posting images, videos, files

How to Manage Your Facebook Group
• Thank all new members for joining
• Engagement and building your community
• Strategies for dealing with fans
• Setting rules and guidelines
• Enforcing your rules, kicking people out of your group
• Asking and answering questions, polls
• Introducing your projects and services, consulting
• Selling without selling

How to Create Content Quickly
• Write posts, create videos
• Answer questions
• Let the content come to you, notice what is going by in the stream of life
• Set up Google Alerts, review results, select and repost
• Subscribe to subject matter blogs and websites with newsletters and emails
• Subject matter forums
• Search and repost videos
• Encourage members to post, respond and contribute to each post

Build and Promote Your Group
• Promote everywhere
• Mention in your videos, your social media, and blog posts
• On your website set up a direct link button
• Add to your email signature

Building Your Platform
• Build your presence by highlighting your expertise
• Connect and build community
• Move people from your group to your website to your email list
• Gain Exposure

Marketing of The Mandala Happiness Book Series, Check List

The marketing process has begun for my new Mandala Happiness Coloring Books. Like most of us I began the marketing the day the books published. Ideally this is not the best way to go. We should begin the day we start writing the book but most of us start the day we finish the book.

Ok this is where I am at the moment, not a complete or finished list but an ongoing process.

  • 3 Books published on Amazon.com YES
  • Promo book photos made in 3 sizes for each book YES
  • Promo head shots with book covers made for each book YES
  • Press release written and edit for Mandala Happiness 1, YES
  • Press releases written for volumes 2 and 3 and for the series YES
  • Press releases sent out to PR sites, sent to PR.com
  • Connecting all of the Amazon.com tools, Author Central YES
  • Sales catalog pdf sheet NO
  • Book trailer announcement videos shot for each book and series Yes
  • Book trailer videos edited NO
  • Book trailer videos uploaded to YouTube No
  • Book trailer videos connected across all social media NO
  • URL set up for MandalaHappiness.com YES
  • Blog set up for the book series, Mandala Happiness Coloring Books YES
  • URL forwarded and connected to blog YES
  • Facebook group set up, Mandala Happiness YES
  • Starting to post on FB Group and Blog YES
  • Pinterest boards set up for each book Set up for Mandala Happiness 1
  • Posts on Instragram, YES, ongoing
  • Posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ NO
  • Building out my keywords and hashtags for social media
  • Virtual Launch Party on Google Hangout NO
  • On line coloring book club via Google Hangout NO
  • Set up Gumroad mandala set for coloring book club NO
  • Free sample sets of mandalas with sales catalog pdf sheet for blog and FB NO

Marketing Resources

50 Ways to Kickstart your Publicity from Molly Green Writer, blog. How to get your planning going for your book release
71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book, Kimberley Grabas put together this excellent set of tips on book marketing on her site YourWriterPlatform.com
How to Build a Top Notch Media Kit from Molly Green Writer, blog, what are the media kit parts
How to Write a Killer Author Bio from Divrit.com blog

Replay of How to Market a Picture Book Webinar with Bruce Jones

I had ran a fun webinar this afternoon on How to Market a Picture Book Online. I ran it over Google Hangout which has improved a lot and makes this much easier.  Below is the replay. Thank you everyone who came and great questions.

Topics covered
In book marketing
Back of book marketing
Using a website and giving your content away to attract visitors
Video book trailers
Social media
Amazon Author Central
Book graphics for reuse
Local promotion, email signature, business card images
I included an offer for my new course How to Make a Children’s Picture Book for Kindle with a special discount code of kidsbooks for $50 off.

How to Market, Sell and Repurpose Your Video Content

Slides from a recent presentation I did at Bill Gentile’s Video Journalism Workshop held in Washington DC. My presentation is on what do you do after you have made a video story, or short documentary and want to expand its reach to the world.

We also broadcast this presentation live using Google Hangout On Air and recorded it on YouTube. Hangout On Air is a fantastic way to record your presentation or meeting or events and broadcast them to the world. And it is basically free to use.

10 Tips on How to Make Your Blog Work for Your Marketing

Making Blogs Work for Your BusinessOne of my big points about marketing on-line and having a blog/website is that you can look at the stats and get a good sense of what people are interested in. Blogs generally work easier for this but websites work also especially if you add graphics with alt tags. I always recommend that you put out a variety of content on your topic and off your topic and constantly test and see what happens. You are crowd sourcing your content. We don’t know who we are, the world knows who we are. Our job is it try and figure how the world sees us and match ourselves up with that view. If we can match it can lead to great success.

The question is often why do this, one answer is to see what people like, market research.  But generally it is almost impossible to figure out why people come to our sites and what they want. Second is the ability to use this information and connect back with your visitors and advance our business. This article by Pat Flynn from his blog SmartPassiveIncome gives you the tools of what to do with these popular posts after people arrive. There are some great tips here.

10 Specific Strategies to Make Your ‘Most Popular Posts’ Work Even Harder For You

ISBN Numbers, Yes or No, Do I Need One for My Book?

Good question came in today from a reader

Thoughts on ISBN numbers? Is it better to purchase your own?

It is kind of mixed, ISBN which stands for International Standard Book Number and is manged by Bowker.com, and are the numbers that are used to track print books and help with distribution. You have to have one if you are going to be distributed to bookstores. They also indicate who the publisher is. They cost $125 each but you can reduce the cost if you buy a bundle of them. Most of the major print on demand companies, CreateSpace.com, Lulu.com, Blurb.com will supply ISBN numbers for free when you use their services, but you will have their name as the publisher. You can also buy them and use your own and the publisher will be your name. Kindle books don’t use ISBN numbers.

I think the decision comes down to if you are going to be a publisher or an author. If you are going to be selling physical books and distributing them through books stores then you have to have an ISBN number. If you are just going to stay on Amazon then you can use theirs. You can also do both, but distribution requires the number.

A couple of things to remember,
1. there aren’t a lot of book stores anymore and most book stores won’t take print-on-demand books from CreateSpace. If you are going in that business then maybe look at LightingSource.com for printing. You will be the distributor
2. Unfortunately most books don’t sell all that much so to taking a $125 hit right off the top might be the total sales of your book. Ouch.

What do I do? I just use the CreateSpace ISBN, it is way easier. I don’t really care who the publisher is, I just want to make books and sell them. You can always change, nothing is locked in, you retain all the rights to your books and content. Take the $125 and put it to marketing, especially on your first couple of books, then see what happens.