How to Self-Publish Your Book, Traditional, Self-Publish, and Hybrid or Book Marketing Services

Traditional Self-Publishing Hybrid Questions

How to Self-Publish Your Book, Traditional, Self-Publish, and Hybrid or Book Marketing Services How to Self-Publish Your Book, FAQs. Let’s break down some questions on the different types of publishing • Traditional Publishing • Self-Publishing • Hybrid/Book Marketing Services Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing or Hybrid/Book Marketing Publishing? This is a big one and a question I […]

Masterclass, Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklist & Journals

Workbook MasterClass

Tap the Hidden Treasures in Your Book, Consulting, or Coaching, and Turn Them Into Gold. Learn how in this Masterclass. In this Masterclass you will learn how to take your book, coaching, consulting, or teaching and turn the content into a companion Workbook, Checklist, Journal, or Lesson Plan for your readers, clients, or students. Increase […]

Day 7 of the #14DayProduct Challenge, The Book Cover Design

How I Made $322,650 cover design ideas

Day 7, of the #14DayProduct Challenge by Gumroad. Cover design. Zoom, Zoom we are moving fast here. Below you will see two cover ideas, A and B. Let me know which one you like in the comments. To speed things up I used Amazon and Canva for inspiration. The image on idea B comes from […]

Beta Release: 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book Course is Live

I am announcing the Beta release of my 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book Course. This course will be releasing over the next number of weeks as I complete the content. The course includes videos, handouts and worksheets. 7 Steps to Publishing Your Book is designed for the new or beginning author that has started […]

Lets Make and Publish Your Book Today, This Month, Right Now!!!!

Yes you can write and publish your book right now. It is not that hard, you can do it. Join me on the journey of getting your book done. I have been procrastinating building a course on how to publish your book. Well that has to stop and I have to get this done. I […]

How I Built a $1,000/Month Publishing Business Using Amazon

I had the honor recently of being asked to contribute an article to the Make Market Launch It newsletter. MML is a great product creating program and an outstanding community to be part of. I have been a member pretty much since the beginning. They asked me to write an article recently about some of […]

ISBN Numbers, Do we need them, Yes or NO?, what are the and how do they work?

It is kind of mixed, ISBN which stands for International Standard Book Number and is manged by, and are the numbers that are used to track print books and help with distribution. You have to have one if you are going to be distributed to bookstores. They also indicate who the publisher is. They […]

Publishing Tuesday Newsletter, 12/16/2014

Winter has hit in many parts of the country. We have been lucky so far in the Boston area, but I know it is coming. Be sure to read the second article below, it is excellent on being a publisher. Also be sure to check out the 3 part series on launching your book Having […]

My Best Book List of How to Publish and Market Your Books

Alright here it is, my short list of my favorite publishing books. These are the books I turn to for information on publishing. There are other resources also but this is a good list to get your feet wet. Not in any particular order. All of these books can be found at My next […]