I Didn’t Learn to Write Until I Was 53

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  Bio Excerpt from my upcoming book, How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon Who am I? I am J. Bruce Jones, a 33+ year business graphic designer. I have created every kind of design project that you can have. Designing logos, brochures, environmental wall graphics, books, newsletters, presentations, reports, and more. It has […]

Selling Your Book

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Selling Your Book • Use your book’s content to sell your book • Make noise • Crosslink and spread the noise • Make it easy to buy • Repeat Check out my newest project on How I Made $322,650 Selling Books on Amazon

Three Ways to Publish Your Book, Self-Publishing, Hybrid, Traditional Publishing

Which kind of publishing do I choose, self-publishing, hybrid, traditional publishing

  There are many ways to publish your book these days. They range from self-publishing to hybrid to traditional publishing. All three have pluses and minus. Let’s dive in and talk about the three most popular.   Self-Publishing Self-publishing has become very popular today because of how easy it is to create, publish, and market […]

Favorite Tools

Tools for Layout and Production of Your Book Adobe InDesign The premier page-layout and graphic design tool from Adobe. You can create any kind of printable book or pdf product using InDesign. Learn More Adobe Photoshop The number one photo editing program. You can do pretty much any kind of photo editing that you need […]

Self-Publishing Books

How to Sell Your BookHow I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon, the Inside Secrets In my new book, I share my inside secrets on selling books from creating and publishing over 50 titles over the last 10 years. The book covers how to use your book’s content to create noise and build […]

10 Steps for Creating and Publishing Your Book

Self-Publishing SECRETS, Create, Publish & Launch your Book

Self-publishing your book is just the coolest thing. Self-publishing has been around for years but more along the lines of vanity presses. Now self-publishing actually means you are the publisher and you are in control. For me, this new era of self-publishing means print-on-demand through sites like KDP/Amazon.com or Lulu.com or e-books through Kindle/Amazon or […]