Marketing of The Mandala Happiness Book Series, Check List

The marketing process has begun for my new Mandala Happiness Coloring Books. Like most of us I began the marketing the day the books published. Ideally this is not the best way to go. We should begin the day we start writing the book but most of us start the day we finish the book. […]

ISBN Numbers, Do we need them, Yes or NO?, what are the and how do they work?

It is kind of mixed, ISBN which stands for International Standard Book Number and is manged by, and are the numbers that are used to track print books and help with distribution. You have to have one if you are going to be distributed to bookstores. They also indicate who the publisher is. They […]

The Gumroad 30 Day Challenge – Resources is running a cool 30 day exercise for building an online business using their service. Gumroad is a platform that you can use for hosting your digital products. They take care of all the back end, the e-commerce stuff and the downloading. We just make and sell stuff they do the rest. The challenge […]

Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited, Tips for Launching Your Book

July 29, 2014 Publishing Newsletter Amazon Kindle announced a new direction for their books. They are releasing a monthly subscription service called Kindle Unlimited. Read this extensive post from Lets Get Visible for more details. Brick and mortar bookstores aren’t dead, in fact that seem to be making a comeback. Watch this video of […]

Book and Web Resources for Marketing and Selling Your Book

by J. Bruce Jones I had a question the other day on what were some of my favorite book and web resources for learning about self-publishing, marketing and selling my book. Great question and glad to share. I am a huge supporter of the self-publishing movement and I look to others who are also. Books […]

Publishing Tuesday, 4/15/14, Public Domain Images and Book Marketing

A weekly list of ideas and news to help you Write, Edit, Design, Publish, and Market your books Marianne Manthey of Design Your Own has put together some excellent resources for Public Domain, Creative Commons and Royalty Free photos. It is always hard to find this info and these are pretty good lists. Part […]

How to Market Your Books or Interests Using a Facebook Event

By Bruce Jones On Friday I virtually attended a very interesting web based event run by Bryan Cohen of Bryan ran an event on his website and on Facebook for 15 authors that wrote books on how to write and market your writing. What Brian did was connect with about 30 authors and ended […]

Self Publishing Platforms Compared

We all know about the Kindle Publishing Platform but there are many other self-publishing platforms, in this article by Ben Macklin of we learn about some of the others. The following article compares eight self-publishing platforms: Kindle Direct Publishing Smashwords Lulu Book Tango eBookIT! BookBaby Vook Press Books Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows […]

“How to Publish Your Book” Releases Feb 15 in the Kindle Store

By Bruce Jones I am pleased to announce the release of my newest book, How to Publish Your Book, A Beginner’s Guide for Print, Digital and e-Books. In this book I take you through an introduction and overview to self-publishing. The services, the different kinds of books you can create, the where, why and how. […]

Types of Books You Can Create and Where to Make Them

By Bruce Jones Books come in all kind of styles now, not just hardcover, but paperback, electronic, video, audio. Below is a list of just some of the kinds for books that you can create. Because you now control the rights you can easily move between styles of books. Below is a partial list of […]