Mandala Happiness Coloring Books Now Available on Amazon.Com

Mandala Happiness 1 Mandala Coloring Book

  Release Your Stress with the New Mandala Happiness Adult Coloring Book Series by J. Bruce Jones Mandala Happiness 1, 2 and 3, Mandala Coloring Books Mandala Happiness is a new series of adult coloring books designed by J. Bruce Jones releasing June 2015. The books contain over 40 mandalas each for adults and grown-ups […]

The Gumroad 30 Day Challenge – Resources is running a cool 30 day exercise for building an online business using their service. Gumroad is a platform that you can use for hosting your digital products. They take care of all the back end, the e-commerce stuff and the downloading. We just make and sell stuff they do the rest. The challenge […]

Make a Book Your Business Calling Card

Books are powerful tools for spreading your message. Why not make a book your business calling card, here are the 10 steps to making this happen. Create a book about the lessons you have learned in your career. Your book can be a great leave behind or an introduction to what you do and who […]

Shaping Your Life, Setting Goals and Getting a Ferrari

At the recent Make Market Launch It conference in San Diego I connected with some people that had a tremendous effect on me and really altered my direction in life. Through a casual introduction I met three Australians, Amanda Jane Parish, Kate Murfet and Grahame Reeese. All three came together and were here to learn […]

Blogging Ideas, Week 8: Where is Your Business Located?

Today I want you to write about where your business is located. Are you a local business, national or do you do business globally. Even small businesses can be global, maybe you use Skype to connect with clients in other countries. Tell us how far you spread. My own World of Maps editable clip art […]

Book Review: The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen

The Innovator’s Dilemma, by Clayton M. Christensen I just finished a fabulous book called The Innovator’s Dilemma, The Revolutionary Book that Will Change the Way You Do Business about how established companies try to and often fail to deal with new and innovative products and ideas. Calling these new ideas “disruptive technology” he explains how […]

Learning How to Make a Web TV Show with Andrew Lock and

Just back from Sandy, Utah and the WebTV Wealth 2 day workshop with Andrew Lock and Help My Andrew is the creator of a very popular web and iTunes based TV show, Help My Business Sucks. Which is on practical marketing, small business, and lessons from well know brands. This is the future of […]

Simple Techniques to be Found Online Using Social Media and the Web

The Bottom Line in 3 Steps to Stand Out Online First: Cultivating visibility on line is a process of putting yourself and your content out on a variety of platforms with a variety of active and passive techniques that get you in front of the people and organizations that need to know about you. The […]

New Book from Bruce Jones, How to Stand Out on Line

I am proud to release my newest book, How to Stand Out Online, Simple Techniques to Be Found Online Using Social Media and the Web. Cultivating visibility online is a process of putting yourself and your content out on a variety of platforms with a variety of active and passive techniques that get you in […]