Social Media Resources

Great tips on how to use social media marketing

I am putting together a document for a client about marketing their book, their course, and getting more people to their website. I was looking for some resources on using social media to drop at the bottom of the doc. I found this from, it is an excellent list of resources. It is good […]

Mandala Happiness 3, Celtic Designs, Mandala Coloring Book releasing June 10, 2015

For Immediate Release Release Your Stress with Mandala Happiness 3, Celtic Designs a New Adult Coloring Book by J. Bruce Jones Mandala Happiness 3, Celtic Designs, Mandala Coloring Book Mandala Happiness 3, Celtic Designs is the third of 3 new adult coloring books by J. Bruce Jones releasing June 2015. The book contains 44 mandala […]

Bruce Talks with Hot Chicks, Write Hot Books

Hi had fun recently talking with Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson on their new podcast and site, Hot Chicks, Write Hot Books. We talked about publishing and making a living online. It was fun to dive into some of the details on writing books and publishing on Amazon.

Interview with Stephanie Bavaro, The Making of a #1 Best Seller

As a graphic designer these days we are called upon to help with many aspects of a project. Not only must we do design, but also marketing, social media, video, all kinds of stuff. Having a love of publishing and now selling around 300 books a month on my own, I get asked to help […]

How to Make a Picture Book and Sell it On Amazon, Part 1

I am in the process of putting together an actual and on-line course on How to Self-Publish a Picture Book. I have written a basic outline around how to self-publish a picture book on CreateSpace and Kindle and thought lets pull all this together right here in the blog and write the full version. One […]