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Speaking & Consulting: Topics I Love to Talk About

I am always open for an interview to talk on self-publishing, book marketing and creating products. We can use Zoom, Facebook Live, or whatever web-based application you have. Below are several of my favorite topics. 

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Book Publishing
Bruce can speak or consult to your group or organization on all areas of book publishing including creating, design and layout, production, launching and marketing. After authoring and creating over 50 titles and over 30 years of graphic design I pretty much have seen it all.

Repurposing Your Book Content
One of my favorite areas to talk about is repurposing your book content into additional products. Every book has hidden treasures of additional products. I love this area. Your book is just the starting point for an entire family of follow on products.

Creating and Selling Your Own Products
And the third area that I love talking about is product creation. We are living in a golden era of product creation. Using the internet and a little of effort we can create and sell products to the world. Build your Plan B. 

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Fun interview with Deb Eckerling of #GoalChatLive. Debra Eckerling, author of “Your Goal Guide” and founder of The DEB Method, speaks with author J Bruce Jones about Sharing Your Expertise! Bruce’s 2021 Motto: Make Stuff, Sell Stuff.

Reinventing on #GoalChatLive with Deb Eckerling, Lew Sabbag and Keith Spiro

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Boston Internet Marketing Meetup

Bruce is a co-director along with Lew Sabbag and Keith Spiro of The Boston Internet Marketing Meetup, (@bostimm).  With over 1600 members this rapidly growing local Internet marketing Meetup is focused on the internet and how it applies to business and marketing. Bruce is a regular speaker at these educational events with a presentation or learning session and a Q&A which is preceded and followed by general networking opportunities with both experienced and relatively new professionals interested in the Internet and its use in successful marketing programs.  We feel peer learning and networking with an educational component is the best way to get introduced to Internet

Topics have include Websites: buying/selling/optimizing; Search: optimization, tools; Social media: real time, video, tools (twitter/facebook/youtube, etc); Analytics: free and paid programs; Publishing, print and electronic.


Ask Us Anything, our latest series on all topics. We present and then open to the group for discussion.

To learn more about the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup or join one of our events, please visit us at

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Lew Bruce and Keith at BIMM
Boston Internet Marketing Meetup