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New Look, Updates and Changes at ClipArtMaps.com

Hi all, it has been a busy August and beginning of September. I have been updating and redoing some of my websites. My home and education site ClipArtMaps.com was way overdue for some love. I have several websites that sell clip art maps to business, school, government, non-profits, and home. A while back I set up ClipArtMaps.com as an offshoot of my business map site MapsforDesign.com. It would focus more on the homeschool, education, and teacher market. But I have been to busy to really dig in and update. Over the past two weeks, I have been able to fix and update the site. It is looking and acting much better.

ClipArtMaps.com now carries my World of Maps clip art maps, my printable PDF map sets, and my World of Maps coloring books. Nicely organized and easy to get around. Still, some more work to do, but pretty pleased.

For the technical side, I am using WordPress with Woo Commerce. On top of that Elementor for design and layout. Getting much better at using this software. I also tie in Gumroad.com for some of the bigger files. Production help also by my web guy, Brian Johnson of BKJ Productions.


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