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Easy Book Creation, Write and Create Your Book

easy book creation, write and create your book

Do you want to spread your message to the world? Do you want others to see you as the authority on your topic? Do you want potential customers to pay more attention to you? Is your answer yes? Then how do we do this, you ask. We do it with a book. Books are the new calling cards. They are our brochures.

People treat books with reverence. Books position you as the authority and expert in your topic. Books make fantastic marketing tools. Books get opened, read, and saved. A book is great for opening channels of communication. Books give you something to anchor yourself to. You can refer to them in your marketing and in your presentations. They make great gifts for a new or current customer. People do not throw them away. These days books are easy to create and publish a book. You can become a published author in no time.

The basis of Easy Book Creation is about sharing the lessons you have learned in your career, business, or life. Passing them on to your employees, clients, or the world. Using a book, you introduce yourself and your subject matter to others. Books are lead magnets for your business. You are not writing your book to make money from royalties, though it is nice if it happens. You make money by giving your book away to potential clients. Treat your book as if it is your business card or brochure. A business, service, FAQ, how-to, or legacy book is simple to write and easy to produce. We do this with a technique I have developed called the Easy Book Creation method. Simple steps to take you from creation to publishing to success.

• Your book and the title focus on what you do and the services you offer.
• You are an author, not a writer, we are doing this pretty quickly.
• We make our books logical, informative, and instructive. Focus on the subject matter you are proficient in. horizontally
• Your book crystalizes your ideas. The table of contents are the benefits you bring to the table.
• Your book is a lead magnet into your world.
• Your book’s content is used as an entry point for your products, services, consulting, etc.
• Your book is a call to action for your current and potential clients.

Workbook Masterclass, Create Your Own Workbooks, Checklist & Journals

Workbook MasterClass

In this Masterclass you will learn how to take your book, coaching, consulting, or teaching and turn the content into a Workbook, Checklist, Journal, or Lesson Plan for your readers, clients, or students. Take your book and create a product from it that you can sell. Increase the value of your consulting, coaching, and teaching.

In this masterclass, we discuss how you can create workbooks, checklists, journals, and lesson plans from your content. This masterclass is perfect for anyone who has an existing business, self-help, or how-to book. Or if you are a coach, consultant, or teacher. If you are developing a book this class will also help you think about how you can structure your book and if you can add a workbook to it. I bet you can.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This class is perfect for any author that has a business, self-help, or how-to book. Or a consultant, coach, or teacher who needs a companion workbook, teacher guide, journal, or more for their clients or students.

Included in the Masterclass

• Workbook Examples, great examples to model, Video

• The Hidden Treasures in Your Content, Video, we look at your books, coaching, consulting, and teaching. 

• Key Workbook Tips and Ideas, Products You Can Make from Your Workbook

• 3 Case Studies by Workbook creators, Videos

• Workbook MasterClass Book, PDF Book

• The Workbook Tips and Resources, PDF Book

• Workbook Design and Layout Checklist, PDF Book

• Publishing and Marketing Your Workbook, Video

• Design Tips 101 for Workbooks, Video

• Making Your Cover, Video

• Workbook Elements Templates for MS Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign

• 3 Recorded Live Zoom Training Sessions, Applying the Template