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S1 E3 The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing

The 4 Pillars of Book Marketing. There are 4 key areas to focus on for your book marketing. Pillar 1, Using your book’s content to sell your book. Pillar 2, Make noise and spread awareness, the power of social media. Pillar 3, the many ways of selling your book. And Pillar 4, Making your book easy to buy. We explore all 4.

S1 E2 Expand Your Exposure by Connecting with Influencers in Your Market

One strategy for launching your book and expanding your reach is to link yourself with some influencers in our market. People who have bigger audiences than we do. Our goal is to piggyback on the back of our market leaders. We connect, build a relationship, and gain exposure to their audience. In this week’s show, I talk about how we find our market leaders, connect with them, develop a relationship, and gain exposure.

S1 E1 My new podcast, Make Stuff, Sell Stuff has begun, we Launch

I am always trying new things. Over the past year, I have been really upping my live stream broadcasting. It has been a lot of fun and I have been able to expand my reach. Podcasting is more or less the audio track of what I have been doing for a while. Podcasting is growing and growing. People are listening everywhere. So I decided to move in that direction and learn about this new medium. I am using Anchor.fm to host my podcasts. It is free and offers a simple way to monetize.


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