Hospital Graphics

Large Format Hospital Graphics for Walls and Equipment

As of December 31, 2018 I will be retiring. Thank you everyone for all the great projects.

One of the cool things you can do to dress up or redefine an area in your organization, or to deliver information about your business or programs is to add large format wall graphics to the location. Not only can you dress up the wall and the environments, you can also dress up tired and used equipment. Bruce Jones Design has been involved in many large format graphics projects for many years doing just this. We have worked in several of Boston’s major hospitals and universities designing and producing large format wall and equipment graphics. Our projects generally fall in one of two areas:

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1. Locations or operations that have a high level of stress and just want to change the look and feel of the environment to reduce it a little. Bring a little bit of fun and whimsy to the area. This has included wall graphics in MRI rooms, ultrasound rooms, mammogram rooms and IV infusion rooms. We have also wrapped portable medical equipment for the same reason, make them a little more friendly.  Equipment skins have been added to portable X-Ray machines and stationary CT scanning machines. You could do this to any machine that has a smooth solid surface. Hospital Wall and Equipment Wapping

2. The second type of environmental wall graphic projects that we have worked on are for educating staff and or public about a program or service. This has included redesigning areas to give them a new and cleaner look. Projects have included a department hallway at Mass General Children’s Hospital to explain their children’s pediatric cancer program and its long time relationship with the Boston Marathon, internal department graphics for MGH’s translation and volunteer department and a public hallway for national award winning nursing program.

Wrapping Medical Equipment

Portable X-Ray Machines

Portable X-Ray Machines

How We Work on a Project
Wrapping the portable x-ray machines involves several steps. For projects like we use a 3M Scotchprint sticky back vinyl film. The same material that is used for cars and trucks. It has the ability, with a skilled installer, to wrap tightly around all kinds of curves and shapes.

Project starts with an initial meeting with the client and getting ideas for what they are looking for. In this project I was given two directions. One machine should focus on kids and the other more directed to adults.

The project then moves to identifying what surfaces we will be covering, photographing and then measuring the machine from all sides. Accurate measurements are critical, each piece is designed and printed for a specific area. Because this material stretches and we are covering curves we need to give the installer plenty of bleed for each location. Much of the success of a wrapping project is in the hands of the installer.

This project went through several design ideas. There are two ways you can go on a project like this. Wrapping an entire surface with large pieces, which is what we did here, or creating and applying stickers. Finding fun animals or figures and sizing them and building a nice composition. We explored both directions in this project. In the end, for the kids machine I used several vector jungle images that I took apart and reassembling for the machines. On the adult version I made a large field of color and added flower blooms.

Stock image ideas for the portable X-Ray machines

Stock image ideas for the portable X-Ray machines

(l) We measure the machines on site in our initial visit. (r) Design proof with notes during the project. This show how I break a project down to each individual piece.

(l) Machines are measured on the initial site visit. (r) A design drawing with notes from during the project. This shows how I break a project down to each individual piece that will be needed for the machine. Illustrations were assembled from several stock images. For the children’s machines I used Illustrator vector images from

Machine wraps installation by DGI-Invisuals of North Billerica, MA. DGI and I have partnered on many, many projects. Having a skilled partner is key for projects like this.

Wrapping CT Scanning Machines
The same basic process was also done on CT Scanners. Consulting with the client on design ideas, measuring, developing concepts, producing designs, and creating production files for installation. In this project we worked on 4 CD machines. We had a child concept, an emergency room concept, an elder concept and a general design. Start to finish each project took several months from initial meetings to final installation with schedules and workflow. Installation is usually pretty quick, taking a day or less. DGI-Invisuals did all of the installation on these projects.

CT Scanner before and after the application of the graphics

CT Scanner before and after the application of the graphics

CT Scanner with an under the sea, fish theme

CT Scanner with an under the sea, fish theme

CT Scanner with ocean theme. This is an entire surface wrap. The 3M material is easy to clean and complies with all State and Federal fire regulations.

CT Scanner with ocean theme

Wall and Environmental Graphics

We have also been involved in many large format wall graphic projects for Boston area hospitals, including Mass General Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital along with several Boston universities, including Northeastern University and Boston University.

MGH Hallway with Wall Project

Center for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology is part of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and the MassGeneral Hospital for Children. Project focused on the 16 years relationship with the Boston Marathon.

An eight month project to tell the story of the Children’s Pediatric Cancer Center and their partnership with the Boston Marathon. This project is an excellent example of using wall graphics to educate patients and staff about the program. We covered the entire hallway even using the floor to tell the story. Each wall told different parts of the story.

Ocean and water related graphics running around the tops of the Ultrasound scanning rooms.

Ocean and water related graphics running around the tops of the Ultrasound scanning rooms.

At Boston Medical Center we added graphics around the tops of walls in their Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, and (IV) drug infusion rooms. The graphics in this project were designed to help reduce the stress on the patients.


• Concepts, Design and Preparing files for installation we done by myself, Bruce Jones, Boston, MA area, 781-155-7117
• Printing and Installation by DGI Invisuals, North Billerica, MA please contact Dan Nersessian, 617-542-8224, DGI uses the 3M line of products for these projects
• Photos, I generally use two sources, and