52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog

52 ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog

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Get your business blogging going with our new  book, 52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog

Jump start your business marketing with blogging. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to write about your business and get your message out.

The idea for our new book is that it is often difficult to continually come up with and write relevant copy on your business or service. It can be a pain in the neck, to continually come up with new ideas to write about, but it is not a pain to answer an occasional question on what you do. So the concept is to have a series of questions that you answer once a week about your business or service. The questions, along with the answers on your business or service, are then posted to your blog, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or whatever social media platform you use. The questions prompt you to talk about what you do and how you do it.

52 Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog offers a year of weekly blog posting ideas. Read each week’s question or idea, then answer and post it. My hope is that this will spark and jumpstart your writing. After a year, the rhythm of posting should be built into your schedule and you will know how to do it. Feel free to go off in your own direction.


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Blog Resources

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We will be adding a weekly Blog Ideas email program. This program will deliver a new blog idea every week. The goal will be to keep the pace of your blogging at a fairly comfortable level, just one post per week. As the year goes on you will find it easier to blog and develop a good rhythm. Blogging is about commenting on the world as it streams by. Most of your content is original but some of it can also be what you observe around you and re-post: including information, resources, videos, and comments.

I also now have my Blogging Resources Guide ready to download. This free guide is filled with sites and services to help you with your blogging. Download the pdf book by clicking on the link below.

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Week 1, Company Facts.
Today I want you to write 2 or 3 sentences about what you our your company does, If you can add in a photo or short video that cool also.

And then post it on your blog, Facebook, Linkedin update, Google+, Pinterest, or any other social media platform you are on.

For this first, general purpose post I just want you to keep to the facts so write down the name, location, years in business, basic services, the quick story about your business. Remember to add your address, phone number, and to link to your website.

Think about your blog title and will how it attract readers. Add pictures, video or relevant links to your post. Also add categories and key words for the post and then re-post to your social media sites.

Week 2, Elevator Speech.
For this weeks blog assignment I want you to write out your business or personal elevator speech.

Your elevator speech is that short 15-30 second story about you or your business. You should be able to cover all the essentials in the time it takes to ride an elevator to the top floor. There should be an introduction, then several key points and then a close.

Parts of an elevator speech
1. Introduction
2. Body, 3 points
3. Conclusion, wrap up
4. Close or call to action

Think about the services or features that you deliver and the benefits to your clients of working with you. Give a conclusion and then a close. If appropriate you could add in a call to action, but don’t get too overbearing. Remember, benefits are those things you offer that your client doesn’t have but needs.

I sometimes also describe your elevator speech as what you say to someone you bump into on the street or at a conference. You haven’t seen them for a long time and you are both hurrying in the opposite direction but you want to let them know what you do.

You want to make sure you get out the who, what, where, why and how of your business.

Practice this speech until it rolls off your tongue. The elevator speech is also used in the about or summary boxes on services like Linkedin, on your Facebook fan page or on your blog.

This weeks assignment is from my newest book “52 Ideas to Inspire your Business Blog” where we ask you a weekly question to spark your blogging creativity, available at Amazon.com

Week 3: Customer Questions.
For today’s blog post I want you to write about questions your customers should ask when they work with a company like yours.

These are the questions that they might not be asking but that would help make for a more informed customer. This is Week 3 from the book “52 Ideas to Inspire your Business Blog” where we ask you a weekly question to spark your blogging creativity.
In every transaction there are some general questions that should be asked but often are not; answers that would really help the project move forward but for one reason or another they get missed. You can really help your clients by answering those key questions that they should be asking.

These can be the customer support questions, or Frequently Asked Questions, or customer service questions. All of these are important and you can jump start and answer these questions before they are even asked.

Additional Blog Ideas:
• Answer a common new-customer question in your niche. Maybe you run a fly fishing tour company and one of your Frequently Asked Questions is “Can I bring my spouse?”

Week 4: Take and Show Pictures of Your Office.
For today’s blog post I want you to take some photos of your location, your office, the building, etc and post them on your blog and other social media platforms.
It is time to introduce your readers to your world. Two or three images will work just fine.

Our offices all sit somewhere and showing some pictures of our locations is a great way to say we are more than a phone call or e-mail address. Add some personality to your business and fill out the picture a little. People love behind the scenes images; all you need is your digital camera. Check out the video below.

My book is now available in print and Kindle from Amazon and shortly for the Kobo reader.

Week 5: Write About the Services your Company Offers.
For today’s blog post I want you to write about the kind of services your company has to offer.

We have written about what we do in week one. Today I want you to be a little more personal.  Write about how we approach our clients and customers in terms of solving problems and building relationships. This is how you do what you do on a daily basis. Does your company service your products themselves or after you buy something you are on your own. Do you have customer loyalty programs, or guarantees, events, award your favorite vendors. Like my local coffee shop has a buy 10 get one free, or discounts for preferred customers. What kind of feedback method do you use-social media, toll free number, twitter. Remember your best customers are your existing customers, they are already buying from you, what are you doing to keep them happy.

A good article on 8 Customer Service Myths that Could Be Costing Your Company Money from the Huffington Post

You can pick up a copy of 52 Blog Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog book in Print or Kindle at Amazon.com and kick start your company blog