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How to Publish Your Book, Beginners Guide

How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide to Print, Digital and e-Books

As the a creator of over 20 books and the author of a new how to book on publishing I have a lot of experience designing, publishing and marketing books. My books range from business books, music books, children’s, coloring and text books. I have books on, Kindle, and, hard cover, paperback and ebooks, both pdf and electronic.

I recently completed my overview book on How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide for Print, Digital and eBook, it is now available on Amazon for both print and Kindle.

In this book I take you through an introduction and overview to self-publishing. The services, the different kinds of books you can create, the where, why and how. The power is in our hands and we can now publish, distribute and sell our writing around the world for almost no money or resistance. It is an amazing moment in time, and we can take advantage of it. This book shows you how.

How to Publish Your Book covers why you should self-publish, how your can make money from publishing your own books, and where you should publish. How to Publish Your Book talks about using the latest print-on-demand services for producing paperback, hard cover, photo and audio books. After discussing where to publish we turn to where to sell your book, the types of books you can make and then how you do it. I also talk about the Kindle Comic Creator the new free application from Amazon that lets you publish graphic novels, comic books and children books super easy and very fast. I love this program, it is fantastic. After publishing and selling comes marketing and we have an overview of what to do before your start writing to build your platform and what to do after the book is out.

One of my favorite topics is the re-purposing of your content. Write it once and use it over and over in many different ways. We learn about some of the other product creation sites that you can use and how to extend your book.

In all of my books there is usually an extensive resource list of sites and services that you can use in creating your book. The list in this book includes Layout and Design sites; including resources for; Clip Art, Color Palette Generators, Commercial Stock Photo Sites, Fonts, Online Photo Editing, and Public Domain Photo Sites. In the publishing resource we have Book Publishing, e-Book and Print-on-Demand Sites, e-Book Aggregators, and iPad publishing. Re-purposing Your Content includes; Blog Platforms, E-mail hosting, Google Resources, Video and Video Marketing, Photo Sharing, Single Subject Blog Sites and Social Media. The last section of the resources is about re-purposing your content, this section includes; Audio Recording Software, Screen Capture Software, Gift and Apparel Producers, Personal Broadcasting, Transcription Software, Video Distribution and Sharing, Web Based Screen Capture Software and Outsourcing.

Included in How to Publish Your Book:
• What is a Book?
• Why Should I Self-Publish?
• Can I Make Money From Self-Publishing?
• Where Should I Publish My Book?
• Where Do I Sell My Book
• Types of Books You Can Create
• How Do I Publish My Book?
• When and How Do I Market My Book?
• What Do I Do After I Have Published My Book?
• Publishing Resources: Layout/Design
• Publishing Resources: Publishing
• Publishing Resources: Marketing and Building Your Platform
• Publishing Resources: Re-purpose Your Conten

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