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How to Make Children’s Picture Books for Kindle Online Course

Learn the secrets to producing your own children’s book and selling them on Amazon Kindle. Hi I am J. Bruce Jones the author and creator of over 40 books including over 10 books for kids. In this online course I take you through the process of how I recently produced 5 children’s picture books. Following along as I show you how it is done. Each video takes you through the essential steps that you will need to create your own Kindle books.

Quick Start Course Video, I have created a special video for this course, iin one hour I take your from idea to live Kindle book on Amazon. Your don’t have a lot of time or want the quick overview then watch this video first.

Video 1. Learn how I wrote and selected the images for the books, tips on how to buy affordable images

Video 2. I take you through the Design and Layout of a picture book

Video 3. Learn how to use Kindle Kid and Comic Creator to convert your picture book to Mobi format ready for uploading

Video 4. Learn how to upload your book to Amazon Kindle

Video 5. This is the marketing video. Learn essential tips to getting exposure, making a book trailer video, marketing graphics, use Pinterest

Video 6. Having a home on the web for your book is essential. Learn how to build a book/author blog in this step-by-step video. Part 1

Video 7. Second half of the How to set up your book blog, more advance tips. Part 2

Included with this course are pdf transcriptions of the course videos

Course Bonuses:

How to Publish Your Book, A Beginners Guide, pdf book includes resource guide

10 Tips for Marketing Your Book Video plus companion pdf

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Online Video Journalism Workshop with Bill Gentile

Over the last year and a half I have been hard at work with Washington DC based backpack journalist Bill Gentile in developing an online version of his live Video Journalism Workshop. We have now released it as 14 online videos that teach you how to produce visually compelling documentaries. The videos take you through how to build and produce your stories. To learn more please check out our new intro video below.
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Do you want to learn the secrets of creating powerful video stories using my new course, the Online Video Journalism Workshop. We’ve taken my real-life, face-to-face, Video Journalism Workshop and molded it into 14 compelling and informative videos so you can share the learning process as if you were HERE.
• Do you want to tell powerful video stories?
• Want to jump start or redirect your career?
• Want to join the global conversation on important issues and impact positive change?
• Want to compete with the best video storytellers in the field and stay ahead of the pack?
• How about increasing your income and influence?

With the Online Video Journalism Workshop you learn to produce powerful TV and web productions. Information is power, and we help you harness that power.

In this online video journalism workshop you learn to:
• Capture powerful images and clean sound.
• Recognize and cultivate dramatic story arcs.
• Conduct compelling, in-depth interviews.
• Write powerful treatments and scripts.
• Narrate stories.
• And edit for maximum impact.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. That’s already been done. So learn from my 35 years of experience in the field telling visual stories from five continents and dozens of countries including Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba, Rwanda, Iraq and Afghanistan where I helped pioneer the craft of backpack video journalism.

Video Journalism Workshop Online Course

Video Journalism Workshop works with your tablet, laptop and smart phone

This online course is a Unique Approach to Learning. We’ve taped a live, face-to-face Video Journalism Workshop. You get to learn as the students in the workshop learn. Hear them ask real questions, witness the back-and-forth dialogue and learn as they learn. This unique feature allows you to share the learning experience in real time.

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The online workshop covers the gamut of the storytelling craft from the genesis and shaping of story ideas, to shooting powerful images that drive the story, to capturing and using sound, to script writing, narration, and editing with portable computers and modern editing software.

Essential Tips & Tools

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The Online Video Journalism Workshop is for people who want to sharpen their skills and acquire new ones. It’s appropriate for beginners with some experience as well as more seasoned practitioners who want to sharpen their skills and acquire new ones. We welcome photojournalists making the transition to film and video. Print journalists seeking to expand their skills will find the workshops particularly useful. Broadcast journalists accustomed to the technology and techniques preceding today’s hand-held digital cameras will find that the newer equipment delivers a more immediate, intimate version of visual communication than their predecessors. Video journalists, documentarians, filmmakers and independent storytellers who want to expand their skill set and learn from one of the pioneers in the field also will benefit from the workshop.

Course begins with Pre-Production:
• Introductions, definitions and objectives.
• The Progression from Clips to Sequence to Scene to Story.
• The alphabet of the Visual Language.
• My own Six-Shot System to make sure you have the shots you need to tell your stories.
• We talk about Composition: The deliberate arrangement of elements in an image.
• The Rule of Thirds and Multiple Planes.
• Character.
• A Three-point test of character.
• And we watch and analyze my film “Chain Gang.”

View Video Number 8 on how to conduct a formal interview

Then Production
• Review student work.
• We talk about Proposals, Titles and The Controlling Idea.
• “Echoes of War,” a case study on two models of “character-driven” documentary.
• Sound: The Heartbeat of Documentary.
• The Conversation.
• Participatory Observation via Informal and Formal Interviews.

And Post-Production
• Review student work.
• Paint with your camera.
• Editing: “The creative treatment of reality.”
• Characters as vehicles.
• Another case study called “Nurses Needed.”
• The Dramatic Arc.
• “Voice of Hope,” a case study.
• Scripts: Write to the Pictures
• Editing: Mechanics vs. aesthetics.
• “Underground Yoga” vs. “Knife and Gun Club.”
• Characters as vehicles.
• Narration.
• The third dimension of “three-dimensional chess.”
• Deep authorship and connecting the dots of conversation with audience.
• “Afghanistan: The Forgotten War,” a case study.
• And a Final review of student work where you get to see what the students have produced.

Also included are
Appearance Releases, location releases, parent/guardian releases, and materials releases, that you can customize for your projects.

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