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Self-Publishing Questions, Getting Your Book Done, What Kind of Book and Paperback vs Hardcover

Self-Publishing Questions, Getting Your Book Done, What Kind of Book and Paperback vs Hardcover


Today I will talk about some of the key questions I get asked from new authors.

• Writing Your Book Start to Finish?

• What Type of Book Should I Write?

• Paperback vs Hardcover vs e-Book vs PDF?

What Kind of Book Should I Write?
This question can open up all kinds of questions. It is usually a question I ask when I have my graphic designer hat on. It tells me what software to recommend and how to start preparing your artwork for the project. If you are going all text, like a novel, or business book, then I might use MS-Word or Google Docs. If you are creating a book with a lot of design and images, like a cookbook or how-to book. We would talk about InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I also sometimes recommend PowerPoint or Affinity Publisher. Or freelance illustrators or designers. This question is very much of a ‘how to’ type of question.

Paperback, Hardcover, E-Book, Audio, Video or PDF. 
Or All the Above?
Not something you think about when you start writing the book. But this question comes into play as you start to think about the self-publishing. Depending on where you want to take your book, the design, layout and publishing will change. E-books, most likely publishing on KDP.Amazon. Paperback and hardcover, you will be looking at the print side of KDP.Amazon or IngramSpark.com. But there are also many other options beyond KDP.Amazon. We start out writing but as we progress we will take our books on different paths. We will cover more of this as we work through this book.


How to Self-Publish your Book, Create, Publish and SellBe sure to check out my companion PDF book, How to Self-Publish Your Book, Create, Publish & Sell Your Book



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