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How to Sell Your Book Challenge

How to Sell Your Book Challenge

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How to Sell Your Book Challenge, What a Blast!

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Book Marketing checklist and worksheets

How to Sell Your Book Challenge Video Replays

Day 1: Using Your Book’s Content to Sell Your Book 
• Sharing Your Book’s Content Across the Web

 Building an Online Presence for Your Book

• Marketing Different Categories of Books

• Using Analytics and Stats to Market Your Book

Day 2: Make Noise and Spreading Awareness  
• The Power of Social Media and the Web

• Marketing with Online Social Networks & Platforms

• Use Your Social Media Share Buttons to Spread Your Message

Day 3: 25 Ways to Sell Your Book
• How to Sell More Books

• Three Key Selling Tests to Run on Your Book

• Selling Your Book in the Real World

Day 4: Make Your Book Easy to Buy
• Selling Your Book on Your Website

• Selling Your Book on Amazon

• Understanding the Amazon Sales Page

• Amazon Author Central

• Publishing Lessons

How to Sell Your Book Challenge

In the How to Sell Your Book Challenge, I teach my inside tips, lessons, and secrets on marketing and selling books. 

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J. Bruce Jones is the author and creator of over 50 published books. His latest book is, How to Sell Your Book, How I Made $322,650 and Sold 34,605 Books on Amazon, the Inside Secrets.

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