A Million Published Authors

• I am Bruce Jones
• I am an author of over 30 published books
• I help people self-publish their book

I want to talk today about a big picture idea that I have called “A Million Published Authors

This idea is about demystifying the publishing process for new authors and students and giving people a voice.

What I have learned over the years of helping people bring their books to life and publishing them is that very often the first book of a new author is a resolution of a dream that they didn’t always know they had. Publishing your book is a transformative experience, it is often life changing.

Something magical happens when you push the Publish Button and send your ideas out to the world. Wither it is on a blog or with a full book. You see now what a moment ago wasn’t visible. Clarity comes on the other side of pushing that button. There is a profound change that happens to people from concept, to writing, and to the completion and publishing of their book.

This isn’t something just for traditional publishing it is now for anyone to do.

We are in a unique moment in history. The gatekeepers have fallen in 5 key areas, publishing, broadcasting, marketing, advertising, and distribution.

Through the recent launching of my Facebook group, “How to Publish Your Book” I have met many new and aspiring authors and have been able to witness these changes first hand.

One of These Writers is a Student at a New Hampshire College.
This student is a freshmanat a college in New Hampshire who on the surface has very challenging writing skills but has a life long dream to be a mystery and fiction writer. At the beginning of this year she didn’t have any books, but now she has three and is busting out in all kinds of directions. After joining the group and asking question after question after question she was able to move forward, find out what she needed, gain confidence and publish her books. It has been pretty amazing to watch her progress.

Because of her success others are now moving towards her for advice on how to do it.

My Own Story
I can also identify with this effort of trying to writing and publish. I have gone through my own life struggling with writing because of being dyslexic. I have tried to write and make books since I was 5 years old. I only learned or discovered I could when I learned to write at 53.

A Local Teacher
We have a local teacher in my local community, I gave him the reason to retire by teaching him now to publish his books and now he is a full time writer working on his 4th or 5th. And sometimes teaching others how to do it

My Mother
I have watched my own mother, a published novelist, who is in the middle of Alzheimer’s react to her own published book. When many things are forgotten the book is still there. Books touch emotions and emotions can come through the fog of Alzheimer’s.
(Names have been removed for the time being)

Ripple Effect
And a very interesting thing I have noticed is a rippling effect that is happening with some of the writers that I have taught publishing skills to. They are spreading their knowledge to others, demystifying the process to their friends and colleagues. They are making these skills available to others.
Affiliate opportunities

It is my belief that everyone has a book in them, and by teaching the skills and tools that are at our fingertips we can bring people’s ideas to the world. We can demystify the process.

I also believe that all high school and college students should graduate with a published book. A book would help complete the journey of their education and connect it to the outside world. Think about if students graduated as published authors. That would be pretty cool.

My Calls to Action, What I Am Working on Right Now
• Review and Brainstorm the Concept
• Nuts & Bolts, website, membership site, videos, course
• Monetizing the idea so it can be supported
• The Markets: Universities, high school/public education, new authors, and businesses leaders who want to share their knowledge and experience

• Ideas on spreading the message < mission statement

Products in Development
$47/writing kit, templates, checklist, design ideas,
$199 Full course, individuals
$247 school packages that can be licensed
These are just pricing ideas while I work on the programs.

Education programs for schools
Marketplace program with courses
Public Speaking

If you are interested in learning more about my programs as I develop them, I would love to hear from you. Email or call me, 781-255-7171