Easy Journal Books

Create Your Own Journal Book with the Easy Journal Book Course.
This course takes you through the process of creating and publishing your own journal book, from start to finish. I will show you how to set the book up, build your template, add images and make your cover. Once complete we will load it up to CreateSpace/Amazon, hit publish and you can sell your book. Join me and learn how to make your own book.

Sample Journal Pages, I show you how to create books like this.

• We Have Templates in Both InDesign and PowerPoint
6″ x 9″, 7″ x 10″ and 8.5 x 11″, all set up with 140 pages and matching covers


Lets Make a Journal Book!

• We Start With Your Concept: what is your journal about, types of journals, daily, meditation, gratitude, travel, nature, exercise, food, diabetes/medical,

• Decide How We Are Going to Publishing Your Journal Book: Where are you selling it, Amazon? CreateSpace? Print-on-Demand, IngramSpark, Book Stores

• Work on the Design and Layout: picking the size of your book, how you are going to make it, book structure, options

• Show How to Use Master Slides or Template: layout, page numbers, graphics on the page. I include several pre-made page and cover template for a variety of journal books. Templates come in both PowerPoint and InDesign formats.

• Interior Page Layout: start with a template, format your pages, adding art if you want.

• Learn where to Get Images and How We Prepare Them for Print: sources, file formats and sizes, conversion, Graphics Factory, Shutterstock, draw them, public domain, Freelance/Fiverr.com. Flush the book out however you want.

• Then Set Up the Cover: Build your cover from one of the templates.

• Saving the Files for Uploading: File prep for publishing, making your pdf files for the interior and the cover

Sample Journal Books from the Easy Journal Book Course

• Publishing Your Journal: uploading your files to CreateSpace.com/Amazon, I walk you through the steps

• Introduction to Marketing Your Journal: I go through a basic marketing overview and give you two pdf books, Book Marketing Action Plan and the Book Marketing Checklist

Includes New PowerPoint and InDesign Book + Cover Journal Templates

Sizes include 6″ x 9″, 7″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″ all set up at 140 pages and include matching covers.

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