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Speaking and Events

Upcoming Speaking Events

I will be speaking on book marketing at two upcoming events. Come join me. 

Authorpreneur 101, Discovering the amazing world of authorship.

September 13, 2023, 11:30 – 4:30 pm

Inspirational Presentations: Discover the tried-and-tested strategies of industry pioneers who’ve converted their writing passion into profitable ventures.

Expert Sessions: Whether you’re deciphering the intricacies of self-publishing or building an author platform, we’ve got you covered.

Interactive Workshops: It’s time to roll up those sleeves! Apply what you learn in real-time and get immediate feedback from pros in the field.

Networking Galore: Ever heard the saying, “Your network is your net worth”? Connect, collaborate, and cultivate relationships with fellow authorpreneurs.

Hot Seats and Q&As: Your questions, answered. Dive deep into topics that matter most to you with insights from leading experts.
Don’t just write… THRIVE. And the best part? This journey commences on September 13th. Mark that date!

Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit

September 12-15, 2023

I will be speaking on Friday, 9/15

Writing an impactful book is one of the biggest dreams a lot of people entertain, and it’s also an extremely demanding project.

That’s why you’re invited to attend my friend Susan Crossman’s “Conscious Leader’s Book Writing Summit,” a powerful four-day event that allows you to learn from some of the most authoritative and heart-centered experts in the field of book writing, book publishing, and book marketing.

During this September 12-15 online event, you will discover:

  • How to develop an unbeatable success mindset so you can start and finish your book with ease
  • How to develop lasting habits that will support you in the writing of your book
  • How to structure your book like a pro
  • How to improve your storytelling and writing skills
  • How to publish and market your book in the most impactful way possible

And much more!

The summit is complimentary, but I encourage you to register for the $97 VIP ticket, which gets you all the recordings plus an astounding array of fabulous gifts from the speakers.

Click here to register for FREE 

Susan believes in combining creativity with practicality and her events are always packed with value and inspiration. She creates a terrific community for emerging authors. Don’t miss this event!

Past Speaking Events

Join me at Conference 21 Summit, Feb 20-21, 2021 presented by Michael Whitehouse. There will be 30+ speakers presenting on marketing, mindset, business, accounting, sales, and lots more with plenty of opportunities for networking. My topic will be about my Easy Book Creation Method for quickly creating your own business book.

Check out my session on the Easy Book Creation Method above.

Featured on Spotlight Studio TV with Becky Norwood

spotlight studio with becky norwood e360TV

I am a contributing member to Spotlight Studio TV with Becky Norwood hosted on I will be talking about self-publishing, book marketing and the technical aspects of publishing your book. 

Learn more about Becky’s Spotlight Publishing and Becky Norwood at

Check out, a new direction for broadcasting,