Speaking & Consulting

Bruce will speak or consult to your group or organization on the following topics. Speaking can be done live or using services like Google Hangout and Skype.


  • Video and YouTube Marketing, Setting up your YouTube Page to get your videos found and what to do after you have produced your video, includes handout
  • eBook Creation and Publishing on Demand – Writing, Designing and Preparing your book for  CreateSpace/Amazon, Lulu and other POD publishing platforms
  • 5 Essential Things One Needs to Do to be Found On-Line, using Linkedin, Facebook, Google, Blogs, and YouTube
  • How to quickly get a feel for your website using Google Analytics, the essential reports, includes a handout
  • Backpack Journalism, how to get started, equipment needed, and basic steps to be a successful, includes a handout.

Sample of Speaking Events

I recently gave a presentation to students in Thailand over Skype for the Video Workshop with Bill Gentile, I talked about what you do after you have produced a video. This information also applies to books. What do you do after you have published your book or video story, how can you make money with it, get more exposure, build more awareness. I am a co-producer of the online version of the Video Workshop with Bill Gentile and a regular participant in the live workshops, which are now held around the world. It was a great experience, my first with a translator. Bill produced a short piece on the session.

Speaking at Bill Gentile’s Washington DC, Video Workshop on what you do after you have made your documentary film, Marketing, Selling and Re-purposing Your Video Content. To see more about this presentation visit my post

Recent Event: BIMM Creating Simple Videos Using Your Smartphone

I was one of several speakers that spoke at my meetup group, the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup. The meetup was focused on how to make simple marketing or promotional videos for your business or service. The goal was to try a move the needle just a little and get people to try and make a video. We demonstrated two different types of videos and then talked about tips, techniques and lessons that we have learned. We had the great fortune to have Tom Beach of The Tool Box in the audience and he offered to video tape the session. #BIMM

Bill Gentile’s Video Journalism Workshop

Bruce teaching at the Video Journalism WorkshopBruce giving a live talk at a recent Video Journalism Workshop in Washington DC. Bruce is a contributing speaker at the workshop talking on what you do after you have produced a video story. Discussing how you bring it out into the world and build exposure. Topics include how to use social media, set up your platform, publish your work and contribute to your community. This session is usually done over Skype but for the December 2012 session it was done live in Washington DC.

Boston Internet Marketing Meetup

Lew Bruce and Keith at BIMMBruce is a co-director along with Lew Sabbag and Keith Spiro of The Boston Internet Marketing Meetup, (@bostimm).  With over 700 members this rapidly growing local Internet marketing Meetup is focused on the internet and how it applies to business and marketing. Bruce is a regular speaker at these educational events with a presentation or learning session and a Q&A which is preceded and followed by general networking opportunities with both experienced and relatively new professionals interested in the Internet and its use in successful marketing programs.  We feel peer learning and networking with an educational component is the best way to get introduced to Internet

Bruce Speaking about Linkedin

Topics have include Websites: buying/selling/optimizing; Search: optimization, tools; Social media: real time, video, tools (twitter/facebook/youtube, etc); Analytics: free and paid programs; Publishing, print and electronic.

To learn more about the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup or join one of our events, please visit us at https://www.meetup.com/Boston-Internet-Marketing-Meetup/

Make, Market and Publish Your Own Book

Bruce Jones, author of 19 books, takes us through his process to research, develop, publish and market your book.  Bruce demonstrated the processes and the systems needed to produce and successfully market your book. Internet Marketing has turned the book publishing world on it’s head.  Gone are the days of needing a traditional publishing partner – you can now do it yourself and more profitably at that!  Find out how the new online technologies allow for effective self-publishing.

Bruce with 3 LessonsThe talk focused on:

  • How to set up your platform
  • Do the research
  • Where to publish
  • How market your book.

Event held with the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup, Pick up a copy of my new book on publishing, “How to Publish Your Book, a Beginners Guide to Print, Digital and d-Book,” available in the Kindle book store on Amazon.

How to Publish Your Book, Beginners Guide

How to Publish Your Book, a Beginners Guide to Print, Digital and e-Book

Video Journalism Workshops

Regular contributing speaker for Bill Gentile’s, Video Journalism Workshops in Washington DC. Speaks on marketing and using video and social media and how to set-up your videos for maximum exposure on YouTube and other distribution channels.
To learn more about the VideoJournalismWorkshops.com.

Bruce Teaches a VJ Workshop

Fast Start Video: You’ve Made Your Video-Now What?

Bruce and Lew - Apple Video

Talk at the Boston Apple Computer Store as part of the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup and the FutureM Conference. The workshop included tips and techniques for using and marketing with video.  Included a handout and online book.

Rapid EBook Publishing

Bruce speaking - EBook

Three part workshop on writing and producing ebooks and using them to develop an email list for lead generation. Course produced along with Lew Sabagg and the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup. Course involved 5 Modules, lectures, and handouts. For more details check www.rapidebookpublishing.com.


2011 Media Literacy Conference at MIT, Speaking on Backpack Journalism

Home Inc Media LiteracyI spoke at an open forum at the 2011 Media Literacy Conference held by HomeInc.org on Backpack Journalism. The session focused on the equipment a solo video journalist needs to carry, tips on shooting and resources, also produced a 4 page handout covering the material. The focus of the Conference was on Youth: Learning, Collaborating and Creating the Future of Education.  It went very well, some excellent discussions on different options that you have to utilize the footage you have beyond just producing a video.

Topics Covered were:

Bruce with Camera

  • What is Backpack Journalism?
    All video is now global so act local but think global when you are producing your message
    Re-purposing your contents for different uses, shoot once but different things you can do with it.
  • Basic equipment you need in the field
  • Editing Software
  • Tips for improving the quality of your shooting and message
  • The different distribution channels that are available today
  • Resources, websites, books, news, etc.